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Tell us about your streets! How did the plowers do?

If you are in Youngstown, and are not happy with the job they've been doing on the streets, be sure to call 330-744-3179 and let them know you aren't happy! I called yesterday and expressed my concerns, was told they don't touch the side streets until the main streets are clear, leaving many on the side streets to dig out themselves over and over.

Let them know you aren't happy! I would also suggest contacting local media outlets as well.

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Tell us about your streets! How did the plowers do?

2:15 pm on Wednesday and the Brownlee Woods area of Youngstown streets have been done exactly ONCE since the snow started falling on Friday.

Cars are continually getting stuck and can't even make it to the roads that have plowed previously.

People can't even make it to clean streets unless they have a 4X4 SUV. Pretty pathetic attempt at keeping the streets clean and safe by Youngstown workers.

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Tell us about your streets! How did the plowers do?

The Brownlee Woods area of Youngstown wasn't done until nearly 24 hours after the last drop of snow fell, which is unacceptable, but it is normal when we have more than a few inches. Main roads are done 10+ times during this time period, but most side streets in our area aren't done ONCE, leaving people stuck inside their homes, even after they've cleared their driveway.

Numerous calls also went unanswered.

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Student tuition ruling upheld

What a joke Superintendent Frank Lazzeri is. Clearly, he thinks the courts have been wrong twice, when the law clearly states the girl would be permitted to attend the school tuition free if she was under legal custody of residents in the school district, which she is.

The law is clearly written but Lazzeri, for some reason, won't back down. The problem is, he's already wasted more money in legal fees which have to be paid by the district battling this case then he would have collected had the girl paid tuition. I don't know why the Board of Education is allowed the case to go forward in the past. If I was a Boardman resident, I'd be upset that he's allowed to waste tax dollars like this to fight a law that is clearly stated.

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E-mail is false, Columbiana police say

Why exactly would you need to call a computer shop for getting an e-mail with a fabricated story in it?

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Town hall meeting tonight

Might be a good idea to include, you know, the actual topic or reason for the meeting.

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Armed teens rob bar patron of wallet

How exactly do you "wait in the shadows?"

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DUI roadblock will be in Mahoning County Saturday

It sure would be nice to actually know where it is (hint, hint).

Other stations and media outlets in other counties report where checkpoints are, so I'm wondering why the Vindy never does so. Its either because the decide not to report it or are not getting the information - which authorities are legally obligated to do.

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