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The Big Bird-Delphi connection

Well said uselesseater.

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The Big Bird-Delphi connection

300 you make me laugh. Your ideas are so one sided. How well have Democratic control of the Mahoning Valley worked the past 40 years? Factory closings, depressed economy, loss of population due to no jobs, many young people leaving the area because of no opportunities here! How has all of this been so great???? People need to look at ideas from both political parties, not that any Republican is the big bad devil! As for the Delphi pensions, the Democratic president structured the GM bankruptcy. His decisions led to the Delphi employees losing their pensions.

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Jersey Gov. Chris Christie coming to Youngstown Tuesday

Why do the Democrats always revert to name calling? Your candidate has no records of real accomplishments in his 3+ years in office. All you are left with is calling the opposition names.

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Country has now seen the real Romney, son tells Valley crowd tonight

IslandMike, I think what the country saw was the real Obama! You have been drinking the Kool-Aid since 2008.

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USW says several investors interested in RG Steel in Warren

If this was true, don't you think that there would have been more bidders when the assets were auctioned! I think this is the USW giving a line of B.S. to the members.

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