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Thousands line up for Obama-Clinton tickets

It's kind of funny watching the ill-informed, welfare dwellers, gullible, and ignorant lemmings lining up to see the old guy who lied under oath and got impeached. Had to give up his law license, and who forced parents to explain oral sex to their children. Good example, right. The other numbnuts, is an outright lier, appoints known and self avowed Marxists and Communists to his cabinet and high government offices. Hasn't accomplished a single meaningful thing while in office, divides the country into freebie takers and those who have done ok and worked hard. Continues to lie about the Romney's record in spite of his words being proven false. These two bottom feeder excuses for President don't deserve any respect. Of course, the stupid, brain dead, ignorant, gullible, minions will follow and vote for anything. Have a nice time at Covelli. Just fumigate the place after the event.

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Polivka has earned re-election as commissioner in Trumbull

The Polivka's and the other morons in Warren will successfully waste about $250,000 in the near future by delaying the consolidation of the courts. It could be $1.5 million over the next several years. I also have believed for quite a while that money is being blown by the airport authority in the salary of the individual they hired for promotion of the facility. It's a joke. I read her "accomplishments" and they are laughable. The Chamber of Commerce could in fact do the job better and at less cost. Polivka is a buffoon and practices blantant nepotism in hiring his mother, and later trying to get her promoted. There was no advertising for the job so the public could apply. His comment was that his mother was qualified. Maybe 200 other people in the country were better qualifed, but by hiring family members, no one would ever know, would they? Same goes for the crooks at the country engineer's office. That was an incestuous little den too with half the folks related to each other. The Trumbull Country government needs a house cleaning and fumigation from top to bottom. The Health Department is another place of Nazi in-bred actions. Start with Dr. Enyeart and his lawyer daughter. It's pathetic and the people deserve and need better. I'm supporting John Hull and encourage everyone else to do so. Of course, since the Vindicator never really digs into any controversial areas or does any investigative reporting, nothing will come to light unless there's actually an unbiased, independent investigation. Here's hoping. The past record of leadership is a good example of dirtbag leadership. Jim Tsagaris is a place to start and then follow the stench through the organizational chart.

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US Rep. Tim Ryan’s experience, insights needed more than ever in hyper-partisan D.C.

Tim's just another in a long line of political hacks. How about actually doing some investigative reporting for a change and let all of us taxpayers know what happened to the $386 MILLION in stimulous money that came into this district and created only 286 jobs. In case you can't do the math, that's about $1.4 MILLION PER JOB. How about the money that's gone to the "grant" requests. Anybody every go back and check to see what the money got blown on, and if anything actually ever happened with the money that actually resulted in a job? WHERE'S THE MONEY????? Timmy is responsible. Don't believe me. Just got the US Government web site of and search by congressional district or zip code. The money went to school districts to slow some layoffs, but other wise it was blown, flushed down the toilet, history, zip, nada. Why would anyone want to endorse him or vote for him. You guys need to get your heads out of your posteriors. The Vindy is mainly a Dumbassocrat mouthpiece.

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What were young voters thinking?

The young and the dumb. Some of the comments here are quite interesting. Having lived 8 years in Third World Countries, we're starting to look like one here in the USA. The last dictator who comes through the village promising the most free stuff is who the ignorant masses vote for. Obama essentially fits this description. Free phones, illegally relaxed welfare requirements, forever unemployment benefits, inclination to "erase" student loans in default, excessive expansion of the Pell Grant program, excessive expansion of the SCHIP programs, and I'd run out of room listing all the other freebie stuff this guy thinks he can throw out there. Name ANY President who knowingly appointed self avowed Communists, Marxists, and Socialists to cabinet positions or senior positions in an administration? I'm waiting. NONE is the answer except for Obama. And the person above, Education_Voter thinks that Obama is a centrist!!!!! They're definitely not connected to this planet since the evidence is overwhelming that he is far from centrist and in fact Obama is firmly entrenched in the world of Marxist/Socialist philsophy by his own words. Read his book.

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Civil rights leader John Lewis spurns effort to stiffen voting policies

The real voter suppression is having illegal voters cast their ballots and throw an election from the honest and legally registered voters. THAT IS THE THE REAL VOTER SUPRESSION. Lewis, Schiavoni, and Gerberry are liars and they know it. They definitely have been getting the daily DNC enema of lying talking points. Betras has to be the guy holding the douche bag. Here's the facts: Since at least 2008, the ONLY cases of voter fraud in Ohio and virtually all others in other states have been by, guess who? DEMOCRATS!. The Cleveland party guy who bribed a dirtbag in Defiance and Toledo with cocaine and pot to fill out and submit fraudulent voter registration cards. The Ohio state worker in Columbus who was out there having people fill out fraudulent registrations, the guy in Nevada for the same thing, and the son of a Michigan Congresswoman from the Detroit area, although not direct registration fraud, slashed the tired on a number of vans that the local GOP had leased for taking senior citizens to the polls. See a trend here? The biggest threat to the Democrats are an electorate that can think and read for themselves and actually have the ability to gather facts, analyze them, and make their own decisions. Until then, the Dumbassocrats will do nothing but continue to pander to the young and dumb, the illiterate, the ignorant, and those who are the obedient sheep who stand around waiting for the next handout.

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Strickland, Castro, first lady wow delegates at DNC

Castro got it wrong. Fact Check shows that there is STILL a net loss of at least 300,000 jobs since Obama took office.

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Obama vs. Romney: a clear choice

Ms Pishkur actually doesn't know what she's talking about which is typical for these folks. Romney's plan is to give people UNDER 55 an option of either STAYING WITH THE TRADITIONAL PLAN, or going to a voucher program that will be APPROVED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND STATES. One would get an annual voucher to CHOOSE the type of coverage the want based on their health requirememts. They would pick from GOVERNMENT APPROVED plans, like Congress does now. If you want the Cadillac plan, you use your voucher check, for the plan you want, and then pay a little more... but it's your choice. The richer will pay a bit more. Folks with less means will pay less. The $716 BILLION DOES COME OUT OF THE MEDICARE FUND. It reduces payments to doctors and hospitals. Who do you think with cover the lost revenue? The pixie fairies? If the Obamunist could find all the savings by eliminating fraud and waste, WHY HASN'T IT BEEN DONE BEFORE, AND WHY HASN'T THE OBAMUNIST STARTED TO DO IT? Not that it shouldn't be done aggressively, but it is a lie that you can achieve billions in savings by eliminating waste and fraud. Abusers should be burned and imprisioned, but the amount estimated to be recouped is about $70 million per year initially. So.....let's get a grip, read the FACTS for a change. I know that's something that the Dems have a hard time doing since they are factually challenged. It's far past the time to quit taking the daily DNC enema of talking points and start thinking for yourselves for a change. Oh, yea. The Congressional Budget Office and the OMB all agree that the Obamacare numbers DO NOT ADD UP and the program WILL COST BILLIONS MORE THAN THE ESTIMATES. THE ONLY WAY THAT OBAMACARE FITS THE INITIAL LYING NUMBERS IS BY RIPPING THE $716 BILLION FROM MEDICARE! WISE UP FOLKS. I'm on Medicare, so it affects me just like the rest of the folks.

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Is Valley a political player?

The only block of voters that the Obamunist and his ilk can count on are the hard core Union goons and the Dumbassocrat minions who still get the daily DNC injection of BS. You know, the ones who still can't think for themselves, can't process factual information or are too lazy to actually read and understand the issues. For them, it's easy. Just keep voting D....for dumb.

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Turbo-prop service is seen as the first step in expansion at airport

I think everyone would like to see regular service at the airport from a local economic point of view. However, the airport suffers from the problem of being too close to major airports that are easily accessible. Why would I take a flight from YNG to another close airport and then have to wait for an unknown amount of time for another connecting flight to my ultimate destination? I can be at Pittsburgh airport in less than an hour or Cleveland and Akron-Canton in just over an hour, and board a direct flight to my destination. I eliminate the extra uncomfortable flight, extra baggage hassle, extra toting and hauling stuff to another gate, extra flight risk, etc. I'd rather drive there than be packed into a small uncomfortable aircraft for less than an hour flight, to go through the airport drill again. If the passenger load is sufficient, and there's money to be made, there would already be some type of regular scheduled flight service at YNG. The grants are really doing very little, other than to fruitlessly spend taxpayer money on a dream that has proven to be non-exisitent. In my view, the only potential for increased air traffic is related to the Marcellus Shale business, but that is yet to be seen and, a viable airport can't really be based on drilling and servicing gas wells. Most of those folks drive trucks here and leave the same way. I believe that the near term prospect for more service is poor. A case in point is trying to get Allegiant to increase their flights and destinations. If the passenger load existed they would already be doing it. We know the airlines study their markets and potential business opportunities and unfortunately, YNG doesn't meet the criteria...yet.

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Mandel favors closing bases in Germany, Italy, Japan; courting Kuwait

Deployment of troops overseas shouldn't be about only saving money. It's about national security strategy that provides us certain advantages over potential enemies. Having served 23 years active duty and 8 of them overseas, I've served both in Japan, Germany, Korea, and Panama. By having a limited number of troops and assets overseas, it gives us an advantage in time and logistics in responding to a crises. Most people don't realize that in the case of Japan, and Germany, they repay the US for certain costs involved with us being there. The Japanese government pays for the buildings and family housing, and other things related to our bases. Our troops would be paid whether they are in Georgia or Japan, so those costs remain the same other than transportation. I agree that some troops can be pulled out of some areas, however, the pro's and con's have to be evaluated, and not just on a strict cost cutting basis. The biggest waste of military manpower and resources is the constant engagement in butt wiping missions for largely political purposes instead of military and national security objectives or poking our noses into every regional dispute or firefight. Libya comes to mine as an example of a very stupid decision using our forces and wasting a lot of resources.

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