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Hubbard man appears in court for stolen statue

Scumbag. Someone ought to hacksaw his ankles off like he did to the statue. He'll probably file for disability, food stamps, welfare, Obamacare, and all the other maggot programs. He seems to fit the mold.

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Teachers institute ‘work to rule’ plan

I'd just terminate all contracts. The large financial problems facing most states is trying to pay for public employee pensions. Even Roosevelt warned against having public employees belong to unions. It's a huge problem and over time they should be eliminated. A school district should post the job requirements, salary, and conditions. If you don't like the arrangement, find a job somewhere else, or get another line of work. We're all tired of being held hostage by unions. I've been a union member and never liked the intimidation, subtle and otherwise, the extorted dues, the politics and greed of the upper officials, and the corrupting influence on politicians. There's virtually NOTHING I can find in unions in the modern era that is a redeeming quality.

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Hostess, maker of Twinkies, to go out of business; strike cited

So, 4 or 5,000 union schmucks can thrown a tantrum and not take some cuts, and put the company out of business and kill not only their jobs, but the jobs of their fellow 13,000 employees too. Greed? How's that union working for them? Now they will all get unemployment benefits for God know how long, tap into the Obamunist freebie train and become must some more maggots courtesy of the union sucking some more blood out of the remaining 52% of the taxpayers who are still working and carrying the parasites.

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Rep. Ryan’s support of Obama puts him in a strong position

Who wrote this piece of tripe? If Nancy Pelosi quits, whose butt will Ryan line up to kiss next?

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Ex-general Clark: Romney isn’t qualified to lead military

To Island Mike, too many margueritas today? You must have gotten the large version of the DNC daily enema for folks like you who have no brains to engage in any serious analysis or thought. BTW, do you even know what a neocon is? Wait, I'll save you the stress of actually having to check out something. Neocon is a term cooked up to describe DEMOCRATS who later saw the light and became Republicans. Sorry to wake you up. You can go back to your crainialrectumitis status now.

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Ex-general Clark: Romney isn’t qualified to lead military

Obama: community agitator, radical student activist, associate with Marxists and Communists, no real job in his life. Miserable record as Illinois legislator. Silver tongue attached to an empty suit. Master manipulator and deceiver.

Romney: very successful businessman, international business experience, saved many companies from bankruptcy that otherwise would have failed anyway, recommended the correct and most economical way for GM and Chrysler to be reorganized, love this country where the Obamunist wants class warfare, Marxist policies, and division.

If you can't tell the difference, you have a genetic defect and are truly living the parasite class existence. We'll get what we vote for, so when the country continues to go in the toilet with Obama if he gets four more years, just look in the mirror

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Ex-general Clark: Romney isn’t qualified to lead military

Read my comment other regarding Wesley Clark on the page displaying the Vindy headlines. Clark was promoted by Clinton against the wishes of the Army leadership. Clark is from Arkansas and his grandfather was a DNC member when Roosevelt was nominated. The Army wanted Clark to retire and had no position they wanted to assign him to. Clinton stuck his nose into it and got Clark his promotion. Clark is beholden to Clinton and the DNC, so is it a surprise he supports the Obamunist? Clark was not well liked during his Army career and folks were happy to see him retire.

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Wesley Clark says Romney fails commander-in-chief test

As a retired US Army Officer, I absolutely KNOW that Obama is unqualified to be President. This clown never held a real job other than to be a ghetto agitator. His tenure as a legislator is a joke. He, like most Progressive Socialists have never supported the military except for photo ops and to gain favorable publicity. As to Wesley Clark. I was still on active duty when Clark was serving. The senior Army leadership wanted Clark to resign when he was a 3 star. There was NO position they wanted to promote him into. Since Clark is from Arkansas and his family has long Democrat ties, Clinton stuck his nose into the Army's business and had Clark promoted and given the position of Commander, US Army Europe. It was well known within Army circles that he slid into the position through political manipulation. Clark was not well liked as a leader, and his opinions regarding Romney at this time are meaningless.

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Romney ads draw fire from automakers

Fiat DOES plan to move some Chrysler manufacturing to Italy, and they ARE considering building Jeeps in China. So....misleading? Not so much. However, where's the whining and yelling about the outright lying about what Romney said about having GM go through a structured bankruptcy instead of the Marxist style Obama "saving" of the industry. The NY Times wrote the headline that the DNC uses in their ad, and what the Obama ad claims has been PROVEN to be totally false by multiple media sources including the Washington Post fact checker, among others. So...where's the real lying, deception, and distortions?

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Both campaigns court veterans

I'm a veteran and none I know that are in their right minds would vote for Obama.

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