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Blacks are still not free, a speaker said.

NEWS FLASH! YOUNG BLACK MEN COMMIT THE MAJORITY OF CRIMES. That's why they are in prison. Most of their victims are BLACK!!! If the black community wants to find the root cause of their inability to get their act together, just look in the mirror. The whites don't tell you to have bastard babies, the whites don't tell you no to show up for jobs, the whites don't tell you to commit crimes, the white don't tell you to act like uncivilized humans. The time is LONG overdue to get you heads out of your posteriors and get you act together. We're tired of paying for your welfare, school preferential treatment, preferential contract awards, preferential minority hiring programs, and all the rest. If it's a preferential program it means that someone else is being discriminated against. Got that???? As MLK said, "be judged by your character and not by the color of your skin". Get a grip. There's an old saying that states, "If you want respect, you have to earn it." Get busy and stop the constant whining, playing victim, and blaming everyone by yourselves for you plight. We're tired of it.

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Defeat of roads levy in Liberty serves notice to school district

Agree with the above post by CompManRetired. As another retiree, I will NOT vote for any future levies. I moved to Liberty Twp. from Northern Virgina where my taxes were less than half what they are here, and I live in a comparable sized home. The taxes here are a major rip off and far out of line. They could start to save some money by firing Ungaro and making the Trustees get busy and actually do their jobs. Since the funding method for schools has been ruled to be unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court about 10 years ago, why are we even sending in our tax payments for schools. I don't feel very obligated to support a system that's unconstitutional and supported by my extorted tax dollars. I've found from experience that the way to force change is to starve government operations of money. It's the only way it works in Washington, and it works at the state and local levels. After working 40 years in the federal government, military, and private industry, I haven't seen any outfit that can't take an immediate 10% across the board chop to start with and then make large cuts as more waste, corruption, and cronyism is exposed and eliminated. I have NO sympathy regarding teachers paying only 10% of their insurance costs. I never paid less than 20% in private industry. I'm still waiting for Trumbull County to maintain the roads I usually drive on. Drive on Tibbetts-Wick from Logan to Warner Rd., or Warner Rd. north to Rt. 82. It's a piece of crap with cold patch stuck on top of cold patch. Until the past bad decisions by the Liberty School Board and Trustees are far in the rear view mirror and the budgets are really wrung out, I have absolutely no intention of voting for any future levies for anything, Liberty, Trumbull Country or any others. I've watched my property taxes go up by several thousands of dollars per year since I move here, with no visible increase in services for the past 10 years. Tibbetts Wick hasn't been paved in over 10 years. We pay the highest, or second highest, taxes in Trumbull Country, and some of the highest taxes in the nation other than New Jersey, NY, and California. Why would I be crazy enough to give any of these people more of my money? Let them hold bake sales.

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Republican ideology has not served the United States well

Benjii, the Air Traffic Controller were fired because it is ILLEGAL for federal essential employees to go on strike. The FAA union violated federal law, and though they could get away with it. Reagan called them on it, gave them the opportunity to get back to work and they didn't. So....Reagan followed the law and fired them. That was no hard decision and I would have fired them in a minute. This is why even Roosevelt warned about the dangers of public employees unionizing, and why even he opposed it. It's only gotten worse over the years with the union now holding officials hostage with the threat of strikes, etc. This expecially goes for teachers too. I'd fire any public employee if they go on strike. This should be one of the easiest decisions that a public manager can do. Problem is that most don't have any backbone.

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Republican ideology has not served the United States well

Hey, another Zordich delusional letter!!! Must have gotten another Pelosi Enema today. This letter only shows how mentally challenged Zordich really is. I'll provide the FACTS so John can get a little up to speed.
Air traffic controllers were fired because their strike was ILLEGAL UNDER FEDERAL LAW. They were given several opportunities to come back to work,and a few did, but the unions thought they wouldn't get any penalty. So, Reagan FOLLOWED THE LAW and fired them all.
Iran Contra? You really don't know jack about this, however I do since I'm a retired Army Officer who worked at the White House Military Office. Here's the FACTS, John. Iran Contra was a political fight over Presidential foreign policy. In case you don't know, foreign policy is made by the President, not the Congress. The Dumbassocrat Congress didn't like us supporting the anti-communists in Nicauragua so they tried to cut off funds. Reagan got funding from foreign sources to continue to support OUR ALLIES in the their fight against the Commies. The Iran part was an attempt to provide some military equipment to some Iranians so they could eventually overthrow the Ayatolla. It didn't work out, but at least he tried. The Commies were defeated in Central America.
Bush's illegal war??? Not hardly. Congress voted to support the war in accordance with the War Powers Act. If they didn't want to, they could have just cut the funding. Remember, John, it was a DEMOCRATIC congress that voted the funding. Every major country was also sure that Saddam had WMD. Actually, what happened to all the 18 wheeler loads of stuff the Saddam move into Syria before we invaded? you think that Syria's chemical weapons could have been some from Iraq? Saddam gassed his own people, and purchased yellow cake uranium from Nigeria in the 1980s. The economic collapse: It all started with the Community Reinvestment Act. You really need to watch some of the videos on YouTube of Bush officials starting in 2002 calling for an audit of FANNIE MAE and FREDIE MAC because of their concern about mortgage lending problems. The DEMOCRATIC CONTROLLED CONGRESS blew them off. Barney Frank, the Finance Chairman was telling people to keep on investing in FANNIE MAE while he knew it was crashing. The pressure from the DEMOCRAT banking committes under Frank and Dodd in the Senate intimidated and threatened banks if the didn't relax, or completely waive the normal lending thresholds and give loans to people who were totally unqualified to get them, couldn't pay them, and allowed them to walk away from the houses since they didn't invest a dime of their own money. WE, the PEOPLE got screwed over because of these insane DEMOCRAT banking regulations. Don't believe me, just ask folks at the local First Place Bank about why they went bankrupt. You really need to spend some time getting facts, John instead of taking the daily DNC enemas.

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GOP should listen to Dumas’ advice: All for one, one for all

Wrong. They are doing what their constituents voted them to do, and what the founding fathers expected, which is divided government and powers. Especially when there's vast differences in opinions. Another WRONG number you mention is the fake $24 billion that "cost" the economy. That's been proven to be WRONG, since the majority of that money was for the payroll of government workers who GOT BACK PAY, AND UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS...SO THEY DOUBLE DIPPED. So, what' with that? Let's get it straight. This incompetent administration put this fake number out there knowing it was wrong, and to again pull the wool over the eyes fo their brain dead followers.

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Ohio football player kicked off team, suspended over poem

The teacher asked for a poem on something that made the students angry. Unless there were specifications, then she got what she assigned. Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.....or become stupid school administrators.

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Liberty windfall may reverse fiscal status

Repeaters, you got that right. Also, the $400K is other people's money that's ripped off from the families. Inheritance (death taxes) are evil. The person has already paid a lifetime of taxes on this money many times. When they could pass it on to their families, the government takes more. I want to see all death taxes abolished, and I'll do everything necessary, including moving my money and hiding it to keep this Marxist based crap from getting any more of it when I die.

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GOP should listen to Dumas’ advice: All for one, one for all

As usual...more delusional rantings from the Zordich lunatic left wingers. Here's the facts: The GOP house sent to the Senate FOUR bills which would have funded the ENTIRE U.S. government. Harry Reid, and the Blamer-in-Chief decreed that they would not accept them. The catch: The bills defunded Obamacare. Ok, that approach may not have won the day, but it's perfectly within the Constitutional duties of the House to choose what to fund, and what NOT to fund. Reid and the Obamunist chose NOT to negotiate, contrary to THEIR Consitutional duties. So, Zordich claims that the GOP was not facing up to their duties of governance. Yea right. As if The Obamunist and the Dumbassocrat lead Senate are doing theirs? Adding $8 TRILLION to the debt over the last 5 years is responsible? You need to get your head checked. If my memory serves me right, and it does, since you can see video on YouTube of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi in 2008 and 2009 crying and whining, AND NOT VOTING to raise the debt limit when the debt was $7 TRILLION LESS THAN IT IS TODAY. So, whose the irresponsible ones? Better look in the mirror and stop taking the daily DNC enemas, John. The Dems. just demanded that the government add MORE spending and taxes. The only adults in the room are the GOP trying to contain the run away gravey train. Get a grip, since you really don't have facts and don't know what you're talking about...most of the time.

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Hubbard man sentenced to 18 months for crimes involving military statue

I'm a veteran of 23 years in the military. Too bad these scumbags didn't just get shot dead during one of their home burglaries. 18 months in jail is about 10 years too short in my opinion.

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Police: Australian player target of random killing

Three black thugs, bored, decide to kill someone for fun. So...they pick a WHITE guy from Australia attending college in Oklahoma on a baseball scholarship. They follow him down the street and shoot him in the back. I'm anxiously waiting for Oprah, Sharpton, Jesse, and all the rest of the media to call this a hate crime. I'm waiting.

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