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Obama welcomes 8,000 Gay Games athletes to Cleveland

I'm not gay and don't know if I'd "qualify" to be in the races, but I'd be careful bending over to tie my running shoes. Maybe that's how you prove that your qualified......just saying.

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Israel’s challenge; Our do-nothing Congress; Anticipating racino; Where’s outrage toward tea party?

Billdog1. Having served in the White House Military Office immediately after Iran Contra, here's news for you. Iran/Contra was directly related to the question of WHO conducts foreign policy. It happens to be the President. Weapons were sold to Iranian factions by way of the Israeli's, that we hoped would rise up against the Ayatolla. The money was to be used to support the Contras. Who made that policy? Reagan. Who can change it? Reagan.. or any other President. The current President is doing that now. The flip side was the fact that the D's cut off spending for the Contras who were in the middle of fighting Communists. Some faction killed a few nuns who were supporting the Communists.
Katrina: Fed/FEMA support ONLY moves into a disaster UPON THE REQUEST OF THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE. The LA governor did NOT request federal support for weeks. New Orleans did disaster drills in the weeks leading up to Katrina and then failed to use the plans. They let hundreds of buses get flooded that could have moved people. Dubya moved supplies and support into position BEFORE the Governor got off her butt and asked.
Nixon: Please, give me a break. Ancient history, dude. Nixon resigned over a couple of boneheads breaking into the D party offices. His problem was not being forthcoming about it. The corrupt actions that this current administration is doing makes Nixon's wrongdoing look like a boy scout minor screwup.
WMD? I worked in that area during a 23 military career, and wrote a classified paper about using nerve gas in certain applications against Soviet Armored Forces in Europe. Saddam used Sarin on his people. He had the capability and materials to do it again at any time.
EVERY major government looked at the same intelligence, including all the Dumbocrat Congressional leaders and they all voted FOR taking immediate action.
In the weeks before the invasion, Iraq moved dozens of trucks under guard by his personal Republican Guard units into SYRIA.
Did you read the news accounts just last month about the current ISIS Terrorist Army seizing Iraqi storage bunkers with old WMD material in them????? The question was if the stuff was still any good, and would they use it NOW!!! Where do you think the stuff came from????? You can't search an entire desert. You can easily bury tons of stuff in the desert.
Why did they find trucks fitted with chemical equipment partially destroyed.
Saddam sought and previously bought Yellow Cake uranium from Niger, Africa in the past.
Why did captured Iraqi nuclear scientist tell us that they buried key nuclear equipment in their back yards so it wouldn't be found.
Saddam was providing terrorist training facilities in N. Iraq for Ansar Al Sharia.
Saddam allowed one of the most wanted terrorists to live and move freely in Baghdad for years.
I could go on with FACTS, but that never seems to get in the way of opinions.

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Israel’s challenge; Our do-nothing Congress; Anticipating racino; Where’s outrage toward tea party?

Well, Billdog, how about this:
Who ignored multiple warnings about Bin Laden? Clinton.
Who caused the banking crash? Democrats, starting with the Community Reinvestment Act in the Carter Administration. Go to Youtube and watch the Congressional testimony of Bush administration officials on record warning about Fannie Mae as early as 2002. They wanted it audited, and Barney Frank and Chris Dodd refused. They did this every year. Frank even told people to keep putting money into Fannie Mae while knowing that it was about to go under.
How about Obamacare? That's going well. Maybe the additional 11 TRILLION in debt that the Obamunist has piled on. That's going well too, right?
Both parties have major screw ups, but the Dumbassocrats win this honor hands down. There is no comparison.
Oh yea, what bank in the South Pacific are you referring to, since I've lived in the S. Pacific/Far East and South America. Care to provide facts?

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Israel’s challenge; Our do-nothing Congress; Anticipating racino; Where’s outrage toward tea party?

Mikita must have just stumbled out of the Marconi Club bar again and saw some sunshine. Wow. Moron at work here. McKelvey: What can I say.....truly demented. Just can't pull his head out of Obama's rectum to save his little life. If not that, then both he and Mikita have been laying down together, opening their mouths and taking in the daily DNC talking points enema. They're both pathetic fools in search of their lost two living brain cells.

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Given antics of his predecessors, Obama is hardly worst president

What are you smoking, dude? Been to planet earth lately? Tell a President in history that KNOWINGLY appointed Marxists, Communists, and thugs to high government positions? How about Van Jones (Communist), Anita Dunn (Marxist), to name a couple. You obviously don't read the right newspapers, or watch TV, unless its MSNBC which is the Obamunist Network. Get a grip, fool. You really don't know what you're talking about at all.

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Meeting to address formation of Trumbull environmental court

This should fit nicely with the Gestapo national EPA that the Obamunist has created. Might as well have a local EPA Gestapo. We already have most of that already in the mantle of the Trumbull County Health Department. Try and sell a house in Trumbull County. When a septic system costs about $8000 everywhere else, in Trumbull County it will cost $15-23,000. People can't sell their houses without installing new systems. I know of at least 5 homes where the owner demolished the houses and walked away rather than pay the cost for an old house. Property owners in Trumbull are getting screwed over big time in Trumbull County and I'm sorry I moved there. I encourage anyone coming to this area NOT to purchase a house in Trumbull County. The Ohio Attorney General needs to investigate this situation because it's out of control. The obvious question is who's getting paid off, and why are the little dictators on the BOH acting against the citizens. An "Environmental Court" in Trumbull Country is like giving Hitler the keys to the gas chambers.

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Oakhill corruption case: Perjury, bribery charges detailed

The legacy and history of the Mahoning and Trumbull Counties is scumbag, corrupt politicians and parasitic, maggot "public servants" picking the bones of a near dead carcass.

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Youngstown mayor, Mahoning County auditor and an attorney will be arraigned Thursday

Bring the guilt SOB's in. Just more of the same old stuff in Mahoning County. I don't think that I have to list the dozens of "Public Servant" maggots that infest all levels of the local government who have been convicted. I'm anxiously waiting for the Atty. General and the State BCI to move into Trumbull County. They could stay fully employed here for years.

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Representative government in US collapses under Republican rule

Looks like the Loon of Hermitage just came back from a trip to Colorado to pick up some weed. His rants usually are off in LA LA Socialist land. Hey, moron, who's been in charge of Congress (appropriates the money) for most of the last Century? DUMBOCRATS!!! I'm happy the GOP is the party of NO.
NO to to The Obamunist's Marxist economic policies.
NO to blowing the country into a financial black hole.
NO to an incompetent Senate and Dumbocrat leaders.
NO to anymore worthless stimulus money. (Check out the $560 million that Timmy Ryan blew in this area. Go to the government web site and get into the details of who and what got millions. GUESS WHAT, BUD, only 286 jobs were created!. Ryan could have just given every man, woman and child in the district $50,000 each. THAT would have been a real stimulus.) You need to extract your head out of Nancy Pelosi's rectum for a change. By the way, you should really stop laying down everyday and taking the DNC enema of talking points too.

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US easing immigration rule on terrorist support

I have zero confidence that this incompetent administration has the ability to check anything. When they move their mouths, they're lying. After all, Obama's rectum hole domestic terrorist buddy, Bill Ayers and his convicted, felon wife, Bernadine Dohrn helped launch his Illinois legislature campaign. Birds of a feather......just saying. Except for direct acts of terrorism, Obama is the biggest threat to national security and is putting us in further jeopardy. This SOB needs to be impeached and ripped from office today.

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