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Judge refuses to block Palin ‘troopergate’ investigation

Palin ( - you are just another politician. Not a maverick, not an outsider - just another manipulative politician. Whether or not troopergate gets settled before Nov 4 doesn't matter - it's raised doubts about your character.

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Palin eases pain in McCain camp

A debate of two worlds - one world was Biden providing rich answers to the questions asked, focusing on McCain and not falling into Palin-esque traps. And Palin? For the most part didn't answer the questions asked and instead smoothly doled out highly scripted and memorized spiels, with winks and six-pack-isms thrown in for good measure. The unscripted Palin remains and is on display at

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Biden-Palin showdown ranks second in TV political debates

Ironic isn't it that Palin has become a celebrity (Britney Spears ads anyone?). Don't be fooled by Palin's highly scripted non-answers from the debate (and polls indicate a majority agree). For the real Sarah Palin check out

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Are you confident the financial industry bailout plan Congress approves will stabilize the nation’s economy?

Unfortunately the bail out is also a pork out - a ton of pork unrelated to the original problem was attached to this bill. And McCain voted for it and Palin doesn't get it. Check out for more on the Republican Party's misguided VP nominee.

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Who do you think won the vice-presidential debate?

Biden won, Palin was at least coherent... but don't let that fool you. For a reminder of the Palin we've seen more of check out (funny and scary at the same time).

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