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Ohio: STILL The Heartbreak of It All

The exotic animals in Zanesville almost all of which were killed is such a tragedy that never should have happened. If the pictures alone doesn't change our lawmakers minds I really don't know what will. Ohio really needs to step up and call your lawmakers today because each and every day animals are abused and neglected. WE THE PEOPLE need to let them know how we feel - they work for us. I also want to thank you Louie for writing these articles and for trying to reach out to people to get change. These changes should be for all animals - exotic or not. I have been a strong supporter for Nitro's Law ever since I found out about it. I think a life is much more important than any race track. Thank you

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NITRO'S FLAW - If Only Nitro Was A Racetrack...

Its a shame the legislators couldn't make time for Nitros law. At least to me this is a no brainer and that it should be made a law. Nitro and all the animals that have been neglected and abused will not be forgotten and WE THE PEOPLE will not give up.

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