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Man accused of mowing down geese in Boardman pleads not guilty

I ran over a squirrel about 25years ago, darted right in front of me, I didn't swerve, didn't try to avoid it, it just happened. I felt bad about it. But I'm really glad I wasn't in Boardman! I might still be in prison for animal cruelty! I'm also really glad that Dawn Hayes, the woman that didn't see anything at all happen but called the cops cause "it had to have been done deliberately" wasn't around, since she is apparently an accredited forensic scientist to be able to look at a dead animal on the side of the road and say it was done on purpose, I wouldn't have had a chance if she was their with her wicked science. Seriously? The cops are spending time and tax dollars to investigate this? Did he get out of his truck, tie the geese to the rear bumper and drag them to pieces? That would be animal cruelty. Did he leave the road to "mow" them down as some of you other apparent forensic scientists have suggested? That might be animal cruelty. Did he grab a goose and tie it out in his back yard for the rest of its life to "honk" all day cause its lonely? Like a bunch of you judgmental Cretans do with your dogs? that is animal cruelty. No wait, the cops can't even tell what happened or what vehicle actually hit them. "As the vehicles passed, police noticed several geese fleeing. Police were unable to determine, at the time, who was responsible and couldn’t retrieve license-plate numbers from the vehicles." so this witch I mean forensic scientist Dawn Hayes sees some dead geese, insists it was done on purpose, and calls the cops. The cops can't tell anything from a video, yet they make a case of it. Only God knows why. So this poor bloke, hears the hub bub, goes to the cops and is honest 'cause he feels bad says, hey I was there and I hit the geese but not on purpose" and now its this big blown up animal cruelty case. why? And half you idiots are jumping on the witch hunt bandwagon and you don't even know wtf happened. again, why? Wow am I glad I don't live in Boardman. such a Waste of time, waste of tax dollars. story over.

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