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Is Austintown in the home stretch?

Wonderful. The poor people in the valley have been eagerly awaiting more interesting and exciting ways to lose their money. Millions are being spent to bring these gambling venues here. The amount of actual wealth they will create: zero. Amount of money "redistributed" from the middle and poor classes: as much as they can get. Well, they promise big bucks most people lose what they have little by llittle History, as well as simple economics, shows that you can never gamble your way to wealth. You can gamble away all you have. Will we learn from past reality, or repeat the bitter lessons ourselves? .We should not bet on this as being anything more than a way to increase our misery.

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Wilson’s campaign chest outweighs Johnson’s

No surprises here. The Democrats consider local people as sheep for the slaughter. However, as I frequently remind folks, it's not the money but the votes that count. One person may contribute thousands of dollars but they still have one vote. If we want, we can restore our protections for life, liberty, and our effective Republican form of government. But we have to get out and vote. Ryan and Wilson represent Nancy Pelosi. Sent them both to San Francisco

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Taxing the biggest casino

Setting aside the misunderstanding that Wall Street is not a casino where bets are made and lost, it seems to make sense to discourage speculation in market trends. The investors should do it. We do not need government intervention. Nor do we need to be providing millions more to the government. The government needs to spend millions and probably billions less. As Ronald Reagan correctly noted, "Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem."

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The Tipoff: John Kasich vs. LeBron James

LeBron James is a sports entertainer. David Letterman is a TV entertainer. Our Democratic Governor apparently considers himself a political entertainer. But we don't need political entertainers. We need intelligent, capable people to represent us and protect our lives and liberties under the Constitution. If James leaves someone else will replact him. We need to replace our entertaining politicians.

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Rift forms between mayor and council

Disagreements are common. Still, is losing your 'cool' and threatening to withold authorization for needed work the way to solve problems and promote good government? Maybe we need to elect some adults to city council who will act like grownups. Or maybe some sessions on conflict resolution and communication skills.

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Police explain reasons for reopening Gore case

Justice must prevail. Good news, Yanni, in the mid-70's the fear was global cooling, now its global warming. Al Gore and a former head of Goldman-Sachs set up a carbon trading company in Europe quite a while ago to reduce emissions. The result? Emissions continue to increase and Al Gore makes millions. Climate change hysteria is a fraud and does not call for large scale changes.

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Auditor candidate disqualified

We are very fortunate this election to have a candidate for auditor who is well qualified and honest. She knows the community and cares deeply about its health and well-being. Best of all,Tracey Winbush is not connected to the Deeply Entrenched Machine party that has had our valley in a chokehold for the past many decades. I really don't understand why anyone would want to enter as a third candidate.

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States struggle to pass budgets without stimulus

Fortunately Congress is realizing that they just can't continue spending the taxpayers money as though it were an unlimited pool of wealth. We have to work to earn it. When we don't have enough to balance our own budgets we make cuts. Congress needs to do the same. They should never be allowed to make 'unfunded mandates', should cut their salaries and perks, staffs, pork, and most of those unregulated Federal Regulatory Agencies that pass rules without being accountable to the citizens. That's the ticket!

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In light of the Youngstown schools’ ranking as the worst in the state, should Dr. Wendy Webb remain district superintendent?

I did not go to Youngstown City Schools but I have earned 2 degrees since graduating Girard High. The long odds are that Dr. Webb is not the problem. In order of importance and significence the problems are: Parents, parents, parents, the NEA, the Federal Department of Education, teachers unions, and the community. Working on those will go a long way to improving our children's education and will keep reasonable people busy. Incidently, I live in Youngstown and believe we should all be concerned.

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