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Malmisur defends Tressel

RR, I am curious what JT did to you? Your anger about this is amazing. You talk about him going to hell for what he did. What did JT do to you? Or what are you so angry about in your life that makes you so upset about a football coach? JT messed up, he lied. I agree. But you really think that takes away from everything he has done in his life and he should be sent to hell. I am very curious what he did to you to make you so angry.

What he did was wrong and he paid a large price for it. I just hope you keep your job if you ever lie or omit to turn in others to your boss. And truly, I hope you don't present yourself as moral and fail to maintain that level for fear that God will send you to hell.

I really understood my God to be a foregiving God. I hope you are able to work through your anger.

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