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YSU, faculty dispute final offer

I'm sorry, if you do not have a terminal degree you have no business commenting on this story, the students are being effected by the trustees and administration that want to prevent YSU from becoming a great university, it isn't. It is a decent school with decent faculty. If you want to improve the university's reputation you need to do things that will encourage GOOD faculty to apply, and then do things that will cause GOOD FACULTY retention. You people have this idea that YOU could do their jobs just as well as they could, which is not true, or you would have a faculty position in a university somewhere. These people make less than most other state schools and the most jr members of their faculty are going to leave if they can't afford to live here, and there goes your retention. Get a clue people, put aside your jealousy that these people make more money than you do, and realize that education is the key to our future, and good education is only possible with good faculty who are willing to stay and build a program here in the valley.

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