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The Lemon Grove on its third name, business model

I've heard from several sources (current employees) that Jacob only renamed the bar because he was throwing one of his famous hissy fits. He is angry that he has completely failed as a business owner, and has to hand over the reigns to Brent. Jacob is a bad businessman, a liar, and a snake. hey Jacob, i have one question for you- do you lose sleep at night, knowing that you lied to people in order to meet your kickstarter goal? Not only did you not follow up on the promises of t shirts and free meals for the donors, but you promised them a bar which is nothing like the one you gave them.
Brent is not a bad guy, but he does attract trouble. The Brent that i know is generous and kind, and although he means well, trouble seems to follow him. He has paid for his mistakes, and learned from them, and they need to stop using that to ruin his credibility. The only issue with Brent being downtown, in my opinion, is that his customer base is made up of d-bags and the younger crowd. Bringing this element downtown is sure to affect the other businesses downtown one way or another.
Frankly, i think the partnership of these two is a match made in hell. If the gossip is correct, they have been fighting nonstop, and it's only a matter of time before this partnership dissolves.
meanwhile, i will be right there to watch the fireworks from behind the bar, at a downtown business that will remain long after these flash-in-the-pan nightclubs fizzle out.
Ps- since the lemon grove is such a haven for "artists", you think Jacob could have made that sign look a little more professional? My 4 year old could have done better. Just saying.

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