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downforce (anonymous) says...

A recurring issue that continually goes unaddressed. I have two children who attend McGuffey Elemetary school on Schenley Ave. The issue is dropping off and picking up children. It isn't a matter of if, its when something very bad is going to happen. At both drop off and pick up it is an accident/fight waiting to happen. Parents do not follow the signage directions and the parking lot isnt adequate to let all cars park. Many parents don't pull in at all and stop on the street and block all others coming and going. at the end of the school day it is utter meyhem as first kindergarteners are released and 15min. later all other students, which means those with kids in both grades have to wait and adds to the gridlock.
Kids are running out of the building all over the schoolyard into the parking areas, across the sidestreet. A matter of time before some child is hurt. The School periodically sends "a" teacher out to attempt to control things but it isn't working, too many kids to deal with.
Have seen a Ytown police officer rarely to help but it needs to be there daily. It is only a matter of time before someone does something to the wrong person and all hell is going to break loose. As a parent if your child was hurt leaving school due to a reckless procedure would you not go there to take issue with whom ever you thought was to blame. I know my thoughts stated here are a bit scattered but the problem is real and needs to be addressed asap.

February 19, 2010 at 1:54 p.m. reply suggest removal