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2 Vienna officers resign after money probe

did darby's wife take the polygraph?after all she had the combination also.there should have been no one with that combination.darby left the officers previously "borrow" money from that that he is in the hot seat for indiscretions he has these 2 take the fall.i hope that these 2 officers come forward on darby's misdoings also.i hope there is an investigation and he gets what he rightfully deserves..TERMINATION!!!!

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2 Vienna officers resign after money probe

lets be honest here,the chief of police in vienna does not let officers do their jobs,he has stood in my kitchen and told me that they do not arrest people because they dont want to do the paperwork involved.this is not an officer at is a shame when our township has become the laughing stock due to the blatant ignoring of crime in the township.i believe he should resign,if the money was not accessable it would not have been an issue.check out the 911 call he did to tell them he was at a residents house to not call him while he was on duty.and when he has allowed officers to leave an i.o.u for money is this actually theft?ask him what happened to 300.00 that was given to him from the christmas fund to be "earmarked" as such by his wife that just disappeared.ask the township how much money it costed them to correct the fiscal office which was missing funds when mrs.darby "misplaced" it.time to man up chiefy!!!

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