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Gov. Kasich's proposed Ohio budget cuts

I am a democrat... but will vote either way if I feel it is the right thing to do. Don't tax the rich more... just equal. Same percentage across the board. We all take cuts and NO ONE gets raises. I am a state employee. The people cutting my money are making 4 to 8 times more than me. Yet, they got raises. Everyone pays more for retirement and health. We all work, even if it is a sit down job. I have a retarded cousin that has held a job for 30 years putting nuts and bolts together.

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Law firm used in Mahoning County talks riles unions

Just how much do you think we make? I personally am barely middle income. Yet the republicans are giving people already earning $100,000 a year a $30,000 raise. You just gave them my yearly income as a raise! How about EVERYONE from the TOP down, give up a take a 5% cut? I'm willing, but the top republicans aren't. They are state employees too... aren't they?

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Driver who crashed into Campbell home in April was drunk

Only the driver was drunk. The other kids weren't drinking. Bad choice to get in the car, but they weren't doing anything illegal. I stayed out late every weekend... and have never drank.

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No motive offered in slaying of Campbell man

Having lost someone in Campbell this year, the police are not the problem. This boy did not deserve to be shot, but moving the body would destroy evidence. They cannot process a scene in a few minutes, If you watch the news, it takes days sometimes to get all of the evidence. Rusnak is doing his best with a small city, and big problems.

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Coroner critics: Inaction harms families

What about the fact the Red Cross cannot contact military family members until the CORONER IDs the bodies? What about not knowing if you can have an open casket, or just a memorial service... and the funeral home needs to know ASAP? What about thoughts going through your mind for 48 or 72 hours about what your loved ones look like?

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Campbell Tragedy

Knowledge of the identity doesn't solve all issues. The Red Cross could not contact a sibling in the military until confirmation was given by the coroner. The funeral plans could not even begin until condition of the body was known.

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Coroner stakes out his ground

Kennedy is too narrow minded to even see the issue. What about the fact that family in the military cannot be contacted by the red cross without a coroners confirmation? What about the fact that family doesn't know if they can have a viewing, or just a memorioal. Identification does not let family get started on all of the important and pressed for time issues.

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