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Youngstown rings in new year with homicide

I wish to give my deepest sympathy to the family and freinds of Randy Cappelli. My heart goes out to you. I have known Randy for a very short time but in the time I knew him, he touched my heart. I had the pleasure of working with him for a short time. We talked about our past and our children and lives that we wanted to live. He gave me the impression that he wanted more for his life. That is why this is so awful to have happened to him. I talk to a person every morning that was so close to him and is having a terrible time dealing with his death. She feels so guilty that she is here and not with him. She loves him so much that I can see and feel the hurt in her eyes and the tears she sheds for him everyday. She is so angry that he was taken away from her so soon in their lives together. All I can do is pray for her and his family that they recieve closure in finding the person or persons responsible for his death and put them to justice. I know that will not bring Randy back but it will help to know that the person responsible will never be able to live their life the way they wanted to because of their actions in causing the death of another . For those people who chose to slam Randy, you need think about if it was one of your own that was being trashed. How would you feel reading these comments about one of your own family members. You would not like it. If you have any respect for others, you would let his family and friends grieve for him in peace. Leave these people alone. They have enough to deal with. Just remember , What if it were one of your own????? What would you want people to say???? To Randy, REST IN PEACE..... YOU WERE AND ARE TRULY LOVED BY MANY..

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