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Austintown police dog dies of cancer

Dearest Matt Marzula:
You are a heartless, ignorant, and irresponsible pet owner. I hope to God that someone removes your "property" aka animals as I am sure they are treated without love or respect, which in turn is the way you should be treated. No one said anything about lack of sympathy for soldiers, humans, etc. Animals have been used for protection and have aided the military and should be respected and thanked for the work and the role they play in helping our soldiers protect our country. "Put a bullet in their head"??? Wow- hope someone who reads this and knows you calls the local police to have your "militia" removed so you can't put a bullet anywhere. Animals are often more sympathetic and loving than the members of this sick, twisted society we now are a part of of, and you appear to be a leader of the sick and twisted.

April 28, 2011 at 8:56 a.m. suggest removal