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Aim High K9 Kennel

You go Aimee!! Best of Luck to you!! I think you will do a wonderful job with the kennel!! Look at her website people to see her memberships!! SPCA- Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and IACP- International Association of Canine Professionals along with two other memberships!! You can see her dedication to animals!! Again Best of Luck to you!!

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Dog Shot Multiple Times

Sorry for your loss! Shame on you YPD!! 13 shots for a 42 pound puppy!! Sounds like this dog was a nice dog and didn't deserve to be shot 13 times!!

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At cruelty pretrial, dog owner in gallery shows his disdain

All I want to say is that this would of never had happenend at that kennel with the former management. For you who don't know the former management, I'm talking about Beverly and Stacey. I used this kennel before it was managed by Steve, and I will tell you this much no dogs would of died there from sickness or starvation with Beverly and Stacey running the kennel. I know for sure that if my dog was there on Sunday when Beverly made dinner the dogs in the kennel always got some too, as a special treat!! You want to talk about some caring people that would be Beverly and Stacey!! I travel a good bit and I didn't have any worries at all with Beverly and Stacey taking care of my dog!! I just wanted to post something positive to here. I feel bad for all those dogs that had died there and were starving when Animal Charities got involved. God Bless all the dogs and the owners of these dogs!!

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Out-of-state dog owners claim remains of their pet

My thoughts and prayers are with the owners of "Nitro". It saddens me more and more everyday!! We all need to be in that court room on November 13th and get everyone involved in this!! I agree with XFilesX, this needs to get the national media's attention!! The city officials of Youngstown are a complete joke!! Still Macejko is saying that he could of had a search warrant within an hour....this is a complete bunch of crap!! Let's all remember Macejko when he is running for prosecutor again, and not let him get back in!!

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Error lessens animal-cruelty charges

Everyone is right...we all called this one!! First of all shame on you Jay Macejko!!!You are a complete joke and a disgrace to Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley!! You said you could of had a search warrant for Animal Charities within an hour....Yeah right, who are you kidding!! Getting a search warrant takes time!! I personally think that you are friends with Steve Croley, and I am not the only one who thinks that!! You make this all look like Animal Charities was in the wrong, when all they were trying to do was save those starving dogs!! You take 19 counts of animal cruelty to just four counts of animal cruelty, all because Animal Charities didn't get a search warrant and invaded Steve Croley's home!! Like I said, shame on you Jay Macejko!! You may be the one that only gives this man a slap on the wrist, but way til these lawsuits start following in over this careless kennel operator!! Mayor Williams should have you replaced by someone who cares about animals more than you do!! To all the great people at Animal Charities good job!!

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