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OHIO’S FISCAL FALLOUT: 10 things to know about SB 5

Increasing class sizes is all part of the republican plan to keep our students uneducated, the rich can afford to send their kids to private schools that can keep their class sizes small. The poor must be kept uninformed if they are to continue their larger agenda, do you guys not see this? Eliminating funding for PBS and NPR, this is EDUCATIONAL programming, these programs educate us, so they want to cut them, keep us uninformed. Requiring photo ID to vote, means if you can't afford a car, and you can't afford to drive, you have to somehow get to the BMV to get a photo ID, which means you have to pay for that card, and if you can't afford the fee, you can't afford to vote, thus charging the poor to vote, and why would they not want to the poor to vote? because they usually vote democrat. I am my brothers keeper, I feel that we should employ more people in the departments of welfare, unemployment, food stamps, etc. Those people can then police their dependants better, find the abuses, AND help them to get out of the system, that is the part that we abandon, we complain about having a zillion people getting handouts but we don't help those people get out of the system once their are in. We need to EDUCATE our young better, we need better and more teachers, not bigger classes.

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