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Ga. pastor arrested protesting ‘Demon’ mascot

whatever happend to separation of church and state.

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Firework used to damage screen door

most fireworks available at phantom are unable to blow a screen door off, the ones that could are either too bulky or would start a fire that would draw more attention. it was either home made, or some other illegal explosive that is baned outside of military training areas. im suprised that there are very many, if any accidents from these things yet

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Nomadic monks bring trail of troubles to Canfield

check these out

theres already enough wrong and wicked things done in thename of god, i think we should be a bit weary

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Solstice event focuses on healing the earth

Take note that most holidays in christian canon follow the same time as most pagan holidays. not only that, but several practices in the catholic church are derived from many pagan practices that predate the bible as we know it. have a bit of tolerance and let people attempt to do some good in this world, it seems that when someone trys, many ridicule to the point that many great people just abandon hope. stand up and take measures into your own hands instead of waiting for some schmuck in a pretty white house to sign a paper to make it ok, or blameing local goverment for not babysitting the lady on the corner.

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4 Austintown businesses accused of serving underaged

about time, now what about the bars selling cocaine in thew back

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Obama, McChrystal, start private Oval Office talk

we took an oath to follow orders from our superiors, to include orders from the commander in chief. how can i teach my soldiers to respect there superiors if a general officer cannot even follow this basic rule. there are ways to dissagree with them, even in the realo world when we dissagree with our supervisors. but for christ sakes the press is the last entity you want to go to for anything of this sort

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Obama is the better choice for troubled times ahead

whatever hapend to non biased media, where one could only get facts, not oppinionated garbage generated by whoever pays the highest donation. give me a break

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American Standard workers remain on strike

When paragon industrys went on strike around march 2009,it held the same response as this. People need to understand that the golden age of unskilled labor jobs in mills and factories is long gone. I know there are many oppourtunitys to better ones self, ive made good use of several of them myself. Government and industry will give people a helping hand when it comes to making themselves more marketable in a highly competitive society, but it is not a handout. people need to take matters into there own hands instead of letting beurocrats make the decisions for them.

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Doll promotes Islam?

I have to agree with DoctorGonzo, america has become a peranoid society based on fear and stereotypes. Over the past few years, i have worked in a predominatly muslim area, and i have seen nothing but good come from the comunity. Yes, there are flaws in certin aspects, but that is part of being human. have we frgotten where the real problems lie.

if memory serves me correctly, wasnt there a certin album when played backwards, stated satan is king. id like to see how they pulled that off.

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Standardized Ohio tests lack validity, YSU study shows

Who is to say that every student is the same. In my field of practice, it is required to give blocks of instruction on various topics. Due to the fact of the diverse makeup of the company, it is required that we have to take multiple approaches to educating both our subordinates and suppiors. that being said, it would not only be impracticle, but more likly impossible to use the same method. I know the school system works, I have seen many outstanding examples of students with outstanding potentual become prime examples of society. I have also seen many cases where educators worked with individuals who were not academicaly inclined to become something better.

I agree with Dr Hoover in the argument of life experiances affect the maner i which a student learns. stress from the home environment will deffinatly have an effect on the preformance of a child. One can not just tell a chid to grow up becase things were bad at home. A person who does try to enforce these ideals for such a young age group is incompitant as an educator.

Also, speaking of life experiance learning, oldman, you may want to into your comment. As i wrote this, one of my section cheifs noticed your comment, and well, he was not exactly as friendly in wording as i have been.

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