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SVSM holds off Poland for regional title

What a poor sport. Grisdale wants to blame everyone but himself and his team. STVM lost 9 games this year and 5 of those loses were to public schools. Just because his public school couldn’t beat them doesn’t mean that a public school can’t beat them. The team Poland beat in the Regional Semi-Final game beat STVM this year. They were a private school and nobody heard him sniveling after that game.

I would say that Grisdale probably doesn’t have the best DII public school team in the state, but I am going to all the games in Columbus so I will be sure to let him know.

I was not at Saturdays game so I cannot comment on the officiating. As far as saying the referees favor the private schools I would think that most people think it is the opposite. I listened to the game on the radio and the announcers couldn't stop talking about the Poland player flopping.

I think Grisdale is a terrible example for those Poland basketball players and that community. In fact I think the 16 year old STVM student who posted has shown more class than he has.

Good programs don't need to recruit. Kids want to go there. In this great country we live in, kids in the Akron area can choose to go to a private school. Grisdale isn't half the coach that Joyce is.

I think Grisdale needs to grab his blankie, crawl back into the fetal position, suck his thumb and cry himself back to sleep. Wa! Wa! Boo-Hoo! What a poor sport.

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