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Youngstown's homicides spike

Ultimately, people are responsible for their own fate However, what many don't know about the criminal justice system is that House Bill 86 and the Ohio Risk Assessment (developed by the University of Cincinnati) have limited the court's and the probation officers' ability to sentence these idiots to prison and to correctly monitor them. House Bill 86 is Ohio's answer to lowering the prison population and is allowing people to participate in drug and alcohol treatment in lieu of incarceration when drug dealing thugs like this are the ones helping the drug problem in this area get worse. When these thugs are granted probation (now called community control) the Ohio Risk Assessment (developed by people who clearly have never dealt directly with the thug population) limits the probation officer's ability to actually monitor the criminal's activity and, in many cases, doesn't even allow the probation officer to go to the offender's home and only allows the probation officer to see the thug maybe 4 times per year. So, the next time the news reports the offender was given probation, know this, the great State of Ohio has tied the probation officer's hands and will not let them do their job! And, the offender just keeps doing what they do best- more criminal activity.

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