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TRUMP IN YOUNGSTOWN | GOP nominee wraps up YSU speech

It seems after all the bickering and name calling we still have only two candidates from which to choose.
So it all comes down to voting for the lesser of the two evils. Given what we know and what the media would have us believe it comes down to a billionaire businessman or a career politician of questionable achievements. Each candidate has had failures in their lives and both claim successes. As for me I'm just tired of the same old politicians feeding me the same old bull. I'm tired of them saying whatever it takes to get elected and then doing notning. Maybe it's time for a roll of the dice.

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Part of North Lima Road to close today

Guess it made too much sence to replace the culvert while the road was closed due to the bridge replacement. Government continues to amaze me with it's efficency.

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New poll: Portman extends lead over Strickland in Senate race

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Given the dismal record of Strickland as Governor how can anyone support putting him back on the government payroll expecting anything better. The Dems just keep getting disappointed by the failed promises of their politicians and keep putting them back in office.

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Parents, students share what they like or don’t about city schools

Mohip has begun his reurection of Youngstown schools, a task for which he is being paid nearly $400,000. He has added dance class to the curriculim.
That should help the students into college at least they will be able to bust a move before flunking out. Why not add football and basketball to the curriculum at least that could keep them in college for a while. And it would surely bring up the grades.

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Parents, students share what they like or don’t about city schools

So when does this reject from Chicago actually start fixing anything? So far he has had many meetings but nothing has been done. Chicago has the worst school system in the Country and that's where we go to get the fix for our schools. Only the Dems could come up with a plan like, that. And only the Dems can get away with endless promises and no fixes.
Hang in there and Hillary will solve all of our problems with more endless promises and tell us everything will change but nothing ever does.

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CEO works six weeks without a paycheck

His salary is $160,000 but his pay is actually $276,960.
Not bad for the few meetings he's had to "get his feet on the ground" and to "gauge the community" feelings".

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Uber billionaire Bloomberg stomps on lesser billionaire Trump

Some peoples fingers just move faster than their brain. We must give them the benefit of our patience and understanding. They might be Hillary supporters.

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Poll: Police harassment familiar to young blacks and Hispanics

The police's perception of these groups does not differ a great deal from the general public's perception.
Who lacks responsibility for their own action? Who commits the most crime including crimes of violence against their own communities?
Wherever these groups congregate there is trouble.
Detroit and other police departments go where the trouble is. Those causing the trouble call it harassment. So be it.....

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Transportation grant application rejected

Doesn't sound like our Democratic leadership in congress delivered. Don't worry though Hillary will get it for us....just ask her.

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Weapons charge dropped because of ‘snafu’

Trafficking in drugs, which he pled guilty to, while armed with a firearm is a federal crime whether or not his prohibiting conviction was entered into any data base. BTW it's the duty of the arresting agency to submit the arrest to the data base not the Federal authorities. It sounds like a deal was made to acquire the firearms in return for a lighter sentence.

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