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Engler to sue Trumbull CSB on behalf of alleged rape victim

This whole situation is horrible for both parties, that being the children involved and CSB! I am torn with everything that is going on with CSB at this point. I previously was one of them children in the custody of CSB and I want to say, if it weren't for them I would not be the person that I am today! They took me from a bad situation and made it right and taught me right. With these little children, first the 21 month old killed by her foster parent, it amazes me since in order to adopt and foster you go through so much rigorous training and so many classes and evaluations. The Bonnie woman must have been very good at something or turned to drug. Since it is relay honestly all a mystery as to why she did it! As far as the Banks-Beemer baby that poor child. I feel for it. I cannot fathom why a person including parents would ever want to hurt their own child in such a way. Felicia had a record with children services and should have never been able to procreate again to begin with!
The grandmother on the Banks side is in no better condition to take the child either, if that were the case then she would have had her before all this was allowed to happen to this child! I personally think that the baby should be moved to an entirely different area and be available for adoption with a family that has a proven track record with adoptions and their own children. The baby needs a chance at a good life and placing it back into the family isn't the best idea.

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Suspect arrested in baby’s beating

I think the mother should be charged with child endangering for leaving the child with this guy she did only meet 2 weeks ago. I feel sorry for this little boy, as well as the mother but she chose to leave the baby with this person.
I was in a verbal confortation with an ex-boyfriend and was charged with child endangering! Bullsh*t on the counties part, I was put through the ringer, parenting classes and all. I will say too I have no record for anything before that, not even a speeding ticket!

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Driver arraigned on several felonies

Every article I have read keeps repeating the same information from the original article.
My question to all of this is where were the parents when this child was in the vehicle unrestrained. The news mentioned another person in the van at the time in the passenger seat, was that the mother or father, and why aren't they just as reliable, they are adults as well!
Then, after so many convictions, how come this uy was even able to have a vehicle in h is name! If it wasn't in his name and he was driving it, isn't there that charge of wrongful entrustment for allowing someone to drive your vehicle without a license??? So many questions!!!!

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Baby critical after severe beating

Here's my opinion. Everyone has jumped and judged this story before all the details are out. I am not defending the mother but taking another point of view at this. What if the mother was being abused by this guy just as well as the child and because she is grown and the child is a child and has less ability to defend itself, was hurt more severely and is on life support. I have 3 beautiful kids and would severely hurt someone if they would ever hurt my child at any level. I wouldn't even question the person cause there is no excuse.
As far as this guy, I think he needs to be tortured just like he did this little innocent child and then left to die.

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Business owner: YPD refused to respond

I totally understand everyones postions on YPD, I have had to make a few calls or my grandparetns did as I was growing up, even 15 years or more ago. And it took them forever to get there, but quess what, they never wanted to do anything. Our house was at one point broken into, they didn't get anything the first time. But we had to fight them to make a police report cause we had to get a big window replaced through our homeowners insurance. Well nothing but a week later, with the new window, these guys break in again, through the same window and wipe our house out, all the tv's, stereo, microwave, computer and all of our frozen food. They even had a few cans of the beer that was in the fridge. Ok so YPD was pissed cause they were coming out to the same house twice in one week for the same call. Well don't they think if maybe they should have finger printed the window sil or something to possibly get them the first time they did it. HELL NO! Well the second time they meaning the YPD force, was at our house for 10 hours inventoring and finger printing everything! So much time coulda been saved.

But the employer should have did some form of back ground check on this guy, espeically doing construction, vehicles being used and things of that nature. You are SUPPOSED to be insured/bonded when you do that type of work. As well as with the insurance on your vehicles, they are covered if they are registered under a business and you don't have your employee on the policy! Maybe he should have done his part before complaining that its all YPD fault!!!!!!!!

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Trumbull Co. temporary worker faces drug charges

This one is interesting. I did a quick search on the kenneth a greep name and I find an old article from september 15th, 2000 and guess what, he was arrested for drug charges on September 5th, 2000. They at that time had a warrant for either his father or son(depending on ages) at the same time. VERY INTERESTING!!!!

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