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Public hearings should have preceded decision on geese

Research clearly shows that the mass euthanization of geese serves only as a temporary solution.The 238 resident geese that were killed on June 26 in Mill Creek Park will soon be replaced by other geese. When this inevitable repopulation occurs, will the board once again shut the park in the dark early morning hours and blind-side our community by conducting another killing? Wildlife management is not an easy process if done in a humane manner. The board has provided no reliable documentation or data to show the extent in which a humane management program had been implemented within the park prior to the drastic measures taken on June 26. Dennis Miller and the board have proven they have no care, or concern what the tax payers think. The board continually cites the public feeding the geese as a major contributor to the problem yet to what extent are they responsible? The "Do not feed" signs are never enforced yet we have a park police force that basically does nothing. Whether you are for geese or not, all taxpayers should be concerned that the director and board have little to no regard what the community cares about. Words to ponder... new director, new board, vote NO!

July 20, 2014 at 1:13 p.m. suggest removal