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Car dealer seeks help to save his business

OK look, we have people that are from all over the country just to deal with Bob.

His product knowledge, friendlyness, fair dealing, honesty is top notch. He is deeply involved with Chrysler, has been and it is a family business for about a half a century.

There is no way this 5 star dealer should not stay operational. He is so loved by many and support from him and for his is unrivaled. Please check out what so many other nice folks have to say about Bob and how happy they have been with him.

He has had a lot of major influence with Dodge on the options and desires and needs of the customers. He is active in Red Letter Dodge and has even helped those that purchased from other Chrysler stores.

Please don't let this great american business man go by the way side.

If Chrysler had more folks like him they would not be in the shape they are today. In fact, they should look to him for support on how best to make what people want to buy!

He has a huge loyal following from coast to coast, not just in the local market. People like Fredricks are what make the world and working place a better place to live.

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