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St. Patrick School of Hubbard to close in fall 2016

It is very sad. The school has been around for over 100 years with generations of families attending and a parish that, along with some generous benefactors, financially supported it long past reasonable enrollment numbers.

In all practicality however, you cannot keep a school operational with 96 students in 8 grades. The population in the Ytown area is declining, and younger folks are moving away. Tuition isn't $500 a year like it was when our parents sent us. Combine that with the fact that the Hubbard public schools are very good makes it difficult to get students unless the students come from other areas with a voucher, or the parents can financially afford the tuition (which I believe the last time I checked was over $2500/student).

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YSU police chief on paid leave; contract won't be renewed

I don't think this one was a budget issue.

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YSU hires enrollment management expert

75 administrators on campus when the enrollment topped 15K a few years ago. 125 (ok, 126) administrators now when enrollment is at it's lowest.

I'm sure the 6 support staff folks who lost their jobs last week will put a huge dent in the deficit. I'm thinking their combined salaries probably just made up for the new "guru's" salary.

YSU has to decide what kind of university it wishes to be. If you are going to stop accepting EVERYONE then enrollment is going to drop (shocking concept, I know), but those that do come in will be more prepared and actually increase the graduation rates.

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YSU freezes spending, cuts budgets, lays off 9

I'd like to see the list of administrative positions "created" in the past 3 years-maybe the cuts need to start there. There were some pretty quick placements on campus between Feb-June of this year.

YSU PD are state certified police officers like any other city. They also are a student's first call if needed. As a student, I was in a hit and run accident at night about a mile from campus on the north side - I called YPD and waited for 20 minutes before I called again and waited another 10. I called YSUPD and told them I was a student (and a little freaked out because it was night) and they were there in 3 minutes - YPD never came.

PS: Astronomy is a lab science - one of the required General Ed Requirements....and last I checked an Astronomy class wasn't a fast track to NASA. Cutting class offerings is no way to make money.

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YSU freezes spending, cuts budgets, lays off 9

There were 75 administrators on campus when the university was at top enrollment at almost 16,000. Just a few years later when we are in an enrollment "decline" - there are 125 administrators on campus. Why do we never start at the top? And yes, the search for a new position of Enrollment Manager is still on.

I have to say I put the blame on the previous administration for letting this get out of hand and continuing to place "friends" in positions before she retired. And no word as to how Athletics will be affected - my guess is they will not.

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