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Former AG staff bimbo defines brazen!


And when you get this money will you turn it over the the charity to continue further helping victims of sexual harassment?

Many of you are jealous, but you'd sing a different tune if it was your Mom or daughter was involved in such a scandal.

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Former AG staff bimbo defines brazen!

Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha....the $1.50 is MORE than I ever spent on facial products....cause I AM a MAN!!

And I can prove it, if you'd like to accompany me bow hunting sometime, I will let you hold the apples.(for the deer of course) HA hahahahah!

As a moderate democrat and "conservative" I am GLAD to be rid of Marc Dann....AND I think Marc Dann should have to repay the $500k out of his campaign fund (insuring that he will NEVER run for office again)

Stankoski undoubtedly SAVED Ohio taxpayer money consider that Gutierrez was wrecking state issued SUV's at a rate of 2 a month. At $30k each she would have paid for her information in only 8 months.

So I say, GIVE her the money . Anyone that says otherwise, never met Marc Dann face-to-face to realize he was an insecure, Enzyte consuming, Elliot Spitzer wanna be.

It wasn't a State ID that she displayed, it was a POLICE badge Gutierrez issued to himself that he left on her desk when he wanted to intimidate her.

She states that he left the badge on her desk after demanding some mundane BS and in defiance she pined it on her shirt, saying, "See anyone can wear a fake badge" and a co-worker snapped a picture.She says in an interview on WHLO April 2nd, that in retrospect that was a mistake. But it wasn't a name badge and it wasn't in her cleavage as reported by hack State Attorney Joe Sommer of the Ohio State workers comp WHO HAS HIMSELF NOT SEEN THE PHOTO he is complaining about. (also a democrat and Marc Dann supporter)

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Former AG staff bimbo defines brazen!


You seem to know much about truck stop prostitution, are you a frequent flier, are you pimping your daughter or did your Mom abandon you in the parking lot before climbing in the cab of a John, trying to pay for her next crack rock? Or was it crystal meth?

Maybe your daughter should be writing the book about workman's compensation injuries, such as rug burns, her book could be found at the free clinic.

And your wife's new book, "Complete Guide to the Prolapsed Rectum for Working Women" might be found in the clearance rack at the Lion's Den.

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Former AG staff bimbo defines brazen!

Bertram de Souza, you sound jealous.

Are you upset that your "journalism" hasn't brought you untold "Ohio taxpayer riches?"

Your "yellow" sensational pseudo -journalism is dangerously close to defamation which they mighty not have where you are from, so I don't expect you understand that term.

You are grand standing in an attempt to ride the coat tails of a sexual harassment "victim" to your Pulitzer prize.

Calling a sexual harassment victim a "bimbo" when you only BLOG REPORT from your safe cubicle, the hearsay rumor and innuendo is unconscionable. I wouldn't expect anyone like yourself, that believes in female circumcision, to understand the customs of the U.S.A. (just live under our freedoms and reap our benefits)

Let's hope that Stankoski doesn't have any funds in her budget to sue you, but then what would she stand to gain, your $10 Sakshat computer?

You put YOUR personal writing ambition over reporting the FACTS and your professionalism is lacking.

Apparently, American people are also willing to READ crap and not just watch and listen to it, considering that YOU are a "professional" writer. Stick to your day job busing tables and save Google the trouble of indexing your crap.

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Woman in Dann case now lectures

Cindy was just interviewed on Akron radio where she reiterated he comments on an Ohio blog re: Joe Sommer's comments about wearing Gutierrez ID badge,

"Which leads me to recent stories in the media that i posed in photos with my supervisors ID badge, It was not an ID badge. My supervisor issued himself a POLICE STYLE METAL BADGE…. (Like the police wear) and had lights and sirens installed on his car. He portrayed himself AS A LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITY. And when he wanted to intimidated you he would remove his “police” badge from his belt and place it on your desk, it was kind of an intimidation thing.

He slapped his fake badge on my desk one day and walked away…I picked up the badge and placed it on my shirt, kind of in defiance, showing that ANYONE can wear a fake badge and a co-worker snapped a picture.

In retrospect I would not have done that. But it was not his ID badge."

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Woman in Dann case now lectures

"Broads?", who are you redvert, Archie Bunker?
Who turned on the computer for you?
Um, we live in the new millennium.

YOU remind ME of white trash, blue collar, toothless hillbilly, with your kids runnin' around barefoot in overalls 3 sizes to small.

There is no "career" is a Not-for-profit CHARITY. She will be lucky if she makes a DIME and I read she has spent considerable amount of money (and time) to set up the website and charity, to "give back" to the professional community.

Sounds like you need to sit in one one of her lectures, I will even pay the $1,500 for you.

No wonder all the jobs left Ohio...with pigs like you working here and no wonder we have politicians raping Ohio of jobs and opportunity with people like you voting.

Uneducated, uninformed, low brow, neanderthal, knuckle scraper, chauvinist, step away from the computer before you hurt yourself trying to think of having an opinion. (I bet you are from Youngstown)

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Woman in Dann case now lectures

USA today got a quote from Stankoski...

"Through speeches and the nonprofit she founded -- Cindy Stankoski's Message Against Sexual Harassment, or C.S.M.A.S.H. -- Stankoski said she wants to encourage other people in similar situations to follow their intuition and speak up.

"During my experience, I found that there were very few resources to assist women in similar situations like mine," she said. "I hope to empower women and men by letting them know that their common sense should always prevail."

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It takes courage to be a leech?

At $450k Ohioans got a bargain to be informed their beloved Democrat Attorney General Marc Dann was a corrupt dirtbag. That is what you get Ohio for voting (D) all the way down a ballot.

People have forgotten how to vote for candidates and not for the party.

Don't you like how we democrats have been deprived of power so long that we are shuffling around playing musical chairs with offices. Brunner vs. Fisher....

Ohio should have paid the whistle blowers MORE!

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Dann is out of sight, but not out of mind

For $500k to discover the shenanigans of the "Dann Clan" Ohio voters got a smokin' deal!

Dann, Jennings, Simpson AND Gutierrez should be in JAIL!

Only time will tell if Gutierrez rolls on Dann to save his skin, and we get the REAL story.

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Dems’ political fortunes dwindling

Bible Thumpers? Homos? Very poor choice of words.

You guys can do better.

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