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‘Mistaken identity’

Nothing says "Gang Banger We Need to Kill" like a Mooney Lacrosse decal in the rear window!

It would be funny if it weren't so terrible sad.

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Youngstown fights back

Tom Repchic's son was murdered about twenty years ago in the same neighborhood while leaving a bar.

And now, it's not even safe to leave a church?

Why does the Diocese stay? Why does anyone in Youngstown stay?

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Parade back in Youngstown in grand style

Yes, Jesus gave his life so we could shop at McKelvey's and Strouss! Always remember, Jesus is the reason for going into credit card debt at 22% interest, to buy things made with Chinese slave labor, sold by minimum-wage employees, that no one really wants! As long as we call it "Christmas" instead of "the holiday season", it's okay!


And are you sure it wasn't called the Santa Claus parade back in the day? Because Jesus isn't enough of a god, so we need to make a special god just for Christmas?

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MOONEY LIVE | Cardinals are state champions!

Maybe the Browns should acquire the Cardinals?

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Ursuline, Mooney rally before today's championships

The football team sang the Mooney alma mater on stage? But the Mooney alma mater is unsingable.

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Youngstown will bring back holiday parade

IIRC, it was known as the Santa Claus Parade, so it was more about honoring materialism than honoring God.

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Support group aims to track down more victims of Crum

Predators are predators. Unfortunately, there are at least as many men who like to mess with girls as men who prefer boys. And they are all trouble.

Bishop Murry is doing a great job. The jury is still out on his predecessors as well as the pastors who oversaw Father Toupee over the years.

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Priest is silent on claims of of abuse

mjf0724: how do you know that the minor was 17? The Vindicator article that first broke the story doesn't give an age:

Could it be that the student was 13 or 14?

Fr. Wiggy would have been closer to 30, I think, if he were ordained in 1975. I'm trying to find out what year he was born, but I can't. Can you help us out here?

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Priest is silent on claims of of abuse

I was a member of St. Christine in the early 1980s, during which Fr. Crum was quite pally with the altar boys. Things may have certainly changed when he went to St. Peter of the Fields (for example, the pastor may have laid down a hard line) or maybe you just weren't his type.

The first charge is NOT an allegation, as the good bewigged father admitted to it. We don't know what he says about the second and third ones.

So, unless Fr. Crum is lying to when he admitted to the first charge, he is a confessed pedophile. MFJ0724 may be ready to forgive and forget, but I am not.

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Priest is silent on claims of of abuse

I'll bet if you started contacting altar boys at the 11 parishes involved, you'd find lots and lots of victims. Gee, is this why conservative priests like Fr. Crum didn't want girls as altar servers?

The real question isn't how many victims there are, but how people who may have complained over the years but were brushed aside.

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