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Who do you blame for the light-bulb program fiasco?

i will buy my own corkscrew lightbulb when my other lightbulbs burn out and pay a normal price for it , not the overpriced government $. just like anything else that is bought by the gov., ex: toilet seat $129.00, hammer: $89.00, just go to the list of what they pay for everyday items..........maybe they should try going to home depot or wal-mart, they will get more for their dollar!!!!!!!!!

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Youngstown police shoot dogs guarding puppies

i am so tired of the big dogs getting the bad rap and death! any female dog with pups will do whatever it takes to protect her young. put yourself in their fur, and ask yourself how far will i go to protect my young? what they need and want is caring and compasion, the bullys should try it!
almost any dog can be talked down, patience and love, share it

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Youngstown police shoot dogs guarding puppies

i so agree with everyone that wants to blame the owners of these dogs and any other breed that has gotten a bad rap. i have been a dog lover all my life and any female will attack if provoked or put in a position that she feels is threatening to her pups. have any of you ever seen a chihuahua get snarly? i have and many other breeds from a-z. and again, where are those precious pups that need a good and loving family? yes family, kids too, they are great protecters!

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