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Mooney made key play in win

@arod Formal practice doesn't begin until Aug. 1 but that doesn't mean there not practicing. It's highschool football EVERY school starts way before August 1. No I didn't say the best go in year in and out neither did I say just for the education. All I said is there is no recruiting and good athletes go to schools with good success and coaches. But I'm sure the academics help.

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@outoftownbutstillaround "I was recruited by Ursuline and I sucked at sports. Why? Because Catholic schools are private schools - they have to recruit all students in order to stay in business. "

Good one I believed that for all of 2 seconds.

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@Goodcatholic You don't sound like a good catholic by criticizing kids who don't get interviewed every day and aren't sure what to say after winning a state championship. If you really believe they recruit for high school you need to step back and think about it for a second. And do you think the people from mooney who get college scholarships get them because they win state and beat on 'Smaller teams'? It's called college recruiting. No one in the senior class even has an offer from a major school (unless ysu counts). It's common sense they go there bc they have a better opportunity to develop and be recruited for college, than if they would go to chaney. We all know how great the school environment is there.(No I'm not talking about the teachers but the environment and other students who could care less about anything)

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Mooney made key play in win

@arod It's funny how you actually believe the students are recruited to play football. When are the coaches getting the time to do this when they play from September to November and have practices all summer? Get real, kids go there because they have the best opportunity to develop into the best they can be.

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