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Valley Delphi retirees to protest in Detroit

Aside from any judgments that are made concerning whether these thousands of egregiously harmed Delphi Salaried Retirees "Deserve Their Pensions", I submit that the only real issue is a "Legal" one.

That is, America is founded upon the "Rule of Law". And, in this case, Federal and Constitutional Laws have been, intentionally, broken by the Treasury, the Auto Task Force, the PBGC, et al. Namely, these folks in the Executive Branch have intentionally decided to discriminate between the Union and Salaried Delphi people---while using Taxpayer Funds to do so.

This is ILLEGAL. Anyone who does not choose to support the Salaried efforts, in this case, is effectively stating that they no longer support the exercise of the "Rule of Law" in America. I doubt that they wish for that to happen. The LAW is on our side in this case.

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