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‘Legal’ doesn’t make it ‘right’


If being born rich is the "American Dream," then 98% of us are out of luck the moment we get that first obstetrician slap on the butt.

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‘Legal’ doesn’t make it ‘right’

"Paid enough" is not judged as a total, Mr. Swinger. It is judged as a percentage. And since Romney refuses to reveal details of his tax returns save for one year, we will never know what the total is. It's wonderful that you're impressed by big numbers, but if it equates to 10% of his taxable wealth, then the rest of us clear-thinking people are not nearly as impressed. But Mitt is lucky he has support from the likes of the gullible -- it allows him to ignore the transparency that every other Presidential candidate has welcomed for the last 40 years.

As for Mr. howya, you should save all that data for the next CEO Olympics. For the time being, there are 2 men running for President -- one releases his tax returns, one doesn't. All the obfuscation in the world won't change that.

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Deficit hawks are hypocrites

It's a sad state of affairs when people disregard Bernie Sanders' plain-speaking wisdom because of some pejorative misunderstandings of the word "socialist." Sanders is one of the few Senators who is actually looking out for the huge demographic demeaned by the GOP and dismissed in general by the corporate elite of both dominant political parties. Thank God there is still a tiny crack in the suppression of common sense in this country that allows voices like Sanders' to be heard.

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‘Legal’ doesn’t make it ‘right’

Ken Drombosky is 100% correct. The responses here about how common it is for average Americans to seek tax avoidance misses the point entirely. Those average Americans are not running for President. I have no doubt that Romney's tax returns pass IRS muster. Otherwise he'd have wasted all that money he spends on extravagant tax attorneys and accountants. The point is, you can't very well ask people to elect you to a position of authority over any system you have been gaming all your life. And if Romney were half as confident about the moral validity of his returns as are steelman and Mr. Sobchak here, his returns would have been released long ago and the issue would be over.

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