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Battle lines drawn over $500M in gun reforms

Has anyone else heard the commercial on the radio for some gun store with the woman calling 911?
She says someone is in her house and 911 says police are on the way. She drops the phone as she says, "Stop, I have a gun!"
Then a shot rings out. She picks up the phone and says, "I'm OK."
Statistically she is more likely to be saying, "Oh my God, I just shot my son/daughter/husband/dog!"
I get a kick out of that commercial.

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Valley residents prepare to attend historic inauguration

To all the 'pubs crying about the cost of the inauguration, what about the millions being pumped into the local economy and their precious "small businesses?" I'm certain it trumps the tax dollars spent when you have nearly a million people paying several hundred dollars a night for a hotel, airfare, busfare, gas, food, etc. I'm sure they are being fleeced every leg of the trip. Not to mention, this would be happening (probably on a grander scaler) if Mittens had won.

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Canfield couple sues First Merit Bank over $1.4 million in trust fund losses

While it does look like the bank was playing a numbers game with this couple's money, I wonder if the market had gone the other way, would the couple have given their big gains back to the bank?

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Ronald Lee Pyles, church pastor, goes on trial for rape of woman

Hmmm... I wonder what kind of backlash there will be from the title of this article...

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Kasich's 2013 resolution: Raise drilling tax, lower state income tax

I want to make a point on an issue that is frequently glossed over on the local shale scene.

I live in PA, but it is pretty much the same as in OH right now. My daily commute takes me through the PA shale boom areas and into the industrial park where most of these companies have set up their offices. I can see a few of the offices from my office window.

What grinds my gears is when they talk about these companies hiring local people for the work. Take a look at any of these big diesel F350s and the like driving around with one drilling assocated company's or another's logo on the door. They ALL have Texas or Oklahoma plates.

I realize that there are spin-off and infrastructure revenues gained from drilling activity. But to try justify tax breaks for the mega-corps. by saying we will get the money on the back end of the deal via income taxes on these high paying drilling jobs is a falacy. I'd like to see a study on the percentage of locals working as rig-hands, I would venture to guess it is in the single digits if any at all. The only place I see an impact is at Sheetz, those guys love Sheetz. I talk to them occasionally in the long lines and they are all from, guess where, TX and OK.

Don't get me wrong, I am pro drilling. However, I am pro local revenue. When a company comes into a state seeking resources that are exclusive to that state, they have to pay the piper.

If I wanted to open a hot dog stand, what tax breaks or abatements would I get? I guess I'd have to hire an Oscar Meyer lobbyist before I buy a package of buns. Mega corps and mega rich play by a different set of rules. And they write the rules for themselves in the form of Super PACS, lobbyists and kickbacks. Regular folks just open the mail and pay the bills.

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Boehner pulls budget vote after GOP threatens revolt

Sell, sell, sell!!!!!

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UPDATE: Police: Boy, 7, accidentally shot to death by father

I notice no one answered the question. Just "what ifs" and "personal responsability" squawking as I predicted.

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UPDATE: Police: Boy, 7, accidentally shot to death by father

THIS is the problem that 2nd amendment Constitution thumpers will never give you a straight answer on. They will squawk about personal responsability and a slew of "what ifs." However, this is real. Accidents occur all the time and innocent people die. Please only respond to this if you can answer this question: Are you willing to look down upon your dead child and say, "sorry son, but this is the price you have to pay for me to carry a gun." Do not dodge my question. Don't give me alternate scenarios, the what ifs. Don't tell me you don't look at it that way. Answer the question.

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UPDATE: Hagan petition to get Limbaugh off Youngstown airwaves gaining support

Doesn't Hagan have a right as a citizen to start a petition? If you don't agree with him, don't sign it. Quick to quash someone else's first amendment rights if they aren't the same as yours. Go pour yourselves a cup of loony tea, strap your dog to the roof of your car and hit the bricks.

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