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Bid for Wick Avenue project $1.2M less than city estimate

Go City of Youngstown! Kudos as well to Marucci & Gaffney for keeping the price down. This is a project that will benefit the entire valley. When was the last time we have seen a road project that didn't involve state or federal money? Have any of the surrounding townships ever done anything like this?

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Austintown asks residents for additional revenue

Get it from the Racino!!!!

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Latest poll: Portman, Strickland tied in U.S. Senate race

Strickland was governor when the housing bubble burst in 2007-2008 and he is getting blamed for the recession that resulted.

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Animal Charity in need after 28 cats found, some pregnant

Is Youngstown-Warren Road in Boardman?

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Youngstown plans to relocate its health department from a Mahoning County building to the city hall annex late next year

I guess there is no chance that the Mahoning County Health Department would move to a County owned building....or the Planning Commission or Building Inspection Department?

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Commission has two finalists for Youngstown schools CEO job

Youngstown City Schools are where we as a region have chosen to send the poorest of the poor children. As long as we continue this practice the Youngstown schools will fail. Attempts at administrative manipulation will change nothing. County school districts in other states such as Maryland, Virginia and Florida are examples of efficient and effective education.

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Swoosh! Pistons idled

April 24, 2016 was the day when two Cleveland teams completed sweeps of two Detroit teams!

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Bill would exempt military service from public disclosure

First - Did the Vindicator really just increase their price by 25%?

Regarding this item - We need protect our military service members and their families any way we can.

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Youngstown schools get higher marks on new report cards

If the improvement really was due to the "Youngstown Plan" the Vindicator headline would would have been something like "Youngstown Plan Already Paying Dividends!"

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Youngstown schools get higher marks on new report cards

People should probably read the article before commenting - Stohla says the changes were made before his time and he pre-dates the "Youngstown Plan" which hasn't even been implemented yet. So, no, the improvement is not because of the "Youngstown Plan" but because teachers and students worked to improve.

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