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Altiere’s challenger sees morale trouble

Not only has the SHERIFF or his SECRETARY posted false endorsements on his web site...His RESERVE COMMANDER also has sent messages ON THE COUNTY EMAIL SYSTEM to ALL JAIL EMPLOYEES who hold a SHERIFFS COMMISSION. These messages and emails are POLITICAL in nature and direct them or should we say ORDER THEM to participate in the SHERIFFS RE-ELECTION ACTIVITIES...Oh look..Im looking at one of these emails NOW...

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Altiere’s challenger sees morale trouble

Maybe someone should look at the nepotism in the department. One of the Chief Deputies in particular has a son under his direct supervision and is looking to promote him. Numerous relatives of this Chief have been hired over the last few years in the Sheriffs Office and other County offices and I believe his Wife collected a pay check for several years without even coming to work at the TCSO. OOppsss . As for Altieres lame excuse that he has "Never even been over her house" when refering to his sons mother-in-law that shows the character flaw in this man. He and this woman share a Grandchild together, and he doesnt consider her family????? The woman is a great lady...I have no problem with her..But ALTIERES refusal to answer such a simple question and to deny that she is family is rediculous and shows his ignorance and his uncanny ability to LIE THROUGH HIS TEETH... Id like to say more...but Im getting sick to my stomach just thinking about this man. What a sham of a leader.

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