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Gangs of females attack lone women, 2 children

What a shame...those unfortunate children caught up in bunch *acting* like children...being so violent!
In the first story, not 1 of 15 could say this isn't right?? Where's your freakin' compassion?
The second...over words? Unbelieveable.

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Canfield Fair ends with rave reviews

I *hate* the fair traffic also. 1st visit in 2 years!

1.) Where were you comeing from, what day?
2.)Which route did you take?
3.)How long did you wait in traffic?
4.)What time of the day was it?

We came from Struthers on Thursday evening.
Took Western Reserve to 46
There was very little traffic
It was around 8:30 p.m.

I'm craving one of those chocolate covered strawberries on a stick!

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Although, it's very vague and could mean numerous things....if I'm reading it correctly...your comment on Randy Davis' death last year
(that I *just* seen) what do you mean? Please clarify.

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Coughlin case gets new spark from Calif.

In one account from January 1975, a person reported seeing Coughlin leaving a Kmart store in Austintown.

This was likely a sorry attempt to throw off the investigation. Joanne's mother worked at this K-mart for 30 years.

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Coughlin case gets new spark from Calif.

"Funds were left untouched in Coughlin’s bank account"

The writer fails to mention, a woman posed as Joanne and tried to withdraw funds from Joanne's bank account. The woman named 2 men, Robert Shugart and Howard Rodriguez. The woman, Theresa not sure of the spelling; Batistie,Batisti or Battisti, claimed 2 men put her up to the attempted bank fraud and were waiting for her across the street with a gun!
Joanne's mother wanted to bring charges against this woman and called the detective working on Joanne's case. Detective Campbell told her, he was too busy to talk to her that day. But, when she told him she wanted this woman charged....Campbell was at the house within a half hour. Campbell pleaded with Joanne's mom not to press charges. He said that the woman was a police informant and it would put *her* life in danger!

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I am happy your family has finally gotten some closure. Thank You, for the good wishes in our search for justice.
"Veritas Veritatum"....The Truth of Truths, will hopefully be found in my lifetime.
Bless You and Yours

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Thank You, for the suggestions. The internet is a good source of info *if... you know what your looking for.
I appreciate you takeing the time to help me. We have come to rationalization that, she *is* deceased. We would just like some closure.
Bless You

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New lead fails to solve mystery

In the 1995 interview on Joanne's case, Wellington speculated Ms.Coughlin's car, with her inside, may have been crushed at a salvage yard. He said, "One suspect worked at a junkyard"

Sheriff Wellington's theory hasn't changed in three decades....hmm

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I do have photo's of her! How would I get them to you?
Thank You for your help.

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