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Loew unsure of Pavlik return

If Kelly never fights again, he's been good for Youngstown. Here's hoping the next go-round is good for Kelly, in all ways.

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Lucky fights for Love

What an excellent article about a hard working man...a success story. You seem like a guy who deserves a shot. Good Luck! I'm very glad to see people's prejudices addressed, because we all know they exist. Please don't get discouraged. You have to remember that Phil Kidd and Eric Ryan don't own hip-hop bars. You're comparing yourself to the wrong people. You have to find a successful hip-hop bar owner to emulate. Keep your head up and stay alive.

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St. Vincent De Paul celebrates $53K renovation

Great story about a wonderful service in the community.

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Transit in transition: As WRTA ridership accelerates, downtown terminal deteriorates

I am outraged at Mr. Ferraro's comment that ONLY 172,000 people use the building. Clearly, neither Mr. Ferraro, his friends nor his family have ever waited outside for a bus in the winter. If he cares more about parking buses indoors than about providing protection from the elements for people, I can never support a levy for buses again. Never!

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Throngs jam Boardman grocery on first day

Thanks Rulli Bros.,
Congrats on a beautiful new store!

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Recipe for inexpensive bean dip is reprinted

I am often surprised at just how easy it is to clean sticky or burned-on food from baking pans or sauce pans by first sprinkling the pan with baking soda and letting it soak with just a bit of hot water to moisten the baking soda. Sometimes, I let the water and baking soda mix come to a simmer on top of the stove. It works all the time.

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With this example, how do you trust government to save us?

Mr. Falter must be the liaison to the liaison. Just what we need.

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You've obviously never owned a business, home, or maybe even anything. That building looks to be far from run down to me.

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Doesn't our tax base depend on the success of businesses? Why aren't we more outraged over putting another businessman out of business because his location is inconvenient for YSU? At least one business had to move to make room for the convocation center. Is this really the time to appear hostile to businesses?

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