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Survivor of March 10 crash drownings indicted twice in 2 days

Well, well, well, i guess my earlier comments in other articles about these "angels" was right on the money. They terrorized the apartments that they did not even live at and threatened people when cops showed up. just goes to show ya. i guess the family thinks we should all donate money for his legal expenses too? Oh i forgot it is called a public defender, we already are paying for it.

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Downtown vigil backs marriage equality

Big words for a small mind @Bigben. lol

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Plan to preserve Ice Zone fails

personally i could care less. I do not go there because i have better things to do with the money. Maybe if the prices were affordable it could stay open.

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Feds indict 42 from Warren area on drug, weapons charges

How many of these arrested live in government funded homes or apartments? kick them the heck out. My feeling is if you need handouts from the government but can deal drugs or have your baby daddy do it then go get a job!!!!!!!! lock em all up. then hit Liberty and Boardman to get rid of those drug dealers.

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Downtown vigil backs marriage equality

hey OK he was a pervert, big difference from just being gay. That is the problem with homophobic idiots, they include perverts in the mix when it has nothing to do with it. at Bigben, which i doubt, no you are not my intellectual superior, and i ask how you came to that conclusion by my comment? the comments here are stupid and have no bearing on the rights people have as a married couple. They should have the same rights as hetero couples and i know they pay their fair share of taxes and insurance premiums so get off the bible train and the high horses and let them live. if it bothers you so much better stay home because the gays are out there more than you think.

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METRO DIGEST || Vienna power outage Saturday

power was out here in liberty too people.

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METRO DIGEST || Amber Alert canceled for 13-year-old boy

number one, why is this not on the front page? The Vindy needs to prioritize the news and stop putting bullcrap on the front page

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Youngstown gets no bids to buy or lease Covelli

the way the city is anymore who would want to?

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Little Caesars will expand in the Valley

so what? i dont get pizza there anymore. It is terrible and they do not honor the ads saying $5.00.

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Downtown vigil backs marriage equality

I feel sorry for all the homophobic idiots out there that continue to spew the crap in comments. why does it bother you so much if a gay couple get married? Do you know a gay person when you see one? You are probably surrounded by more than you know and i bet it did not affect you did it?

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