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Remembering Mom on her day

@Barbara, it is sad that you have nothing else to complain about so lets bother people and balloons.

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Four nurses charged with drug theft from St. E's

it says "no longer works at St. Elizabeth." but i guess im stupid to think that means no longer employed there. my apology

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Scouts should stand for morality

@palmer, finally a voice of reason

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Former president of Youngstown school board faces DUI

Not that i am not disgusted by this, but why is this news? i am sure he was not the only one that got a DUI that night. should we put all the pics in the paper? maybe?

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Scouts should stand for morality

both of these letters are just rediculous. i am sick of people saying gays are child molesters and have no morals. i bet there is a gay in your church and you just dont know it. i bet you live by one, work with one, have a family member that is one. educate yourself and stop labeling gays!!!!!!! they are people too.

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Four nurses charged with drug theft from St. E's

way to go HMHP. i have a question? if there is no record of the last nurse being an employee there then how can you say she is no longer an employee? kind of does not make a lot of sense does it?

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Warren council president transfers donated funds to Urban League

This is disgusting!!!!! That money should have been kept in the bank just in case it is ever needed again!!!!!!!!! And to give it to the Urban League? why not to the missions or someplace safe, or beatitude house? this is a waste and i for one will never donate money for the council to just do what they want with it. i am sure some others are thinking the same thing.

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NBA veteran Jason Collins comes out as gay

what the heck does a player being gay have to do with the scandal at Penn State?????????

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Student evaluated mentally after bomb threat at Liberty High School

If the threat "wasn't credible" why the evacuation??????????? you need to retire Mr Watson, you have been here too long. Any threat made to the school, or a student, or teacher should be seen as "credible". And i would also ask you why no parents were notified of this? they should have been called IMMEDIATELY and parents given a choice to take the kids home and also to keep them home wednesday. Ifeel it is bull that you took away the rights not only of the students but the parents too. i had to get a NOTE home with my two that tells me of this? this school calls my house at 8 and 9 at night to remind me of PTA meetings and other rediculous crap but no call about a bomb threat????????? i for one will be at the next board meeting.

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