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Hagan’s turnabout miffs Kovach, Betras

It is time for Betras to shut up and stop the whining. Just because you did not endorse Bob does not mean he should not run. I think the voters clearly made their choice by giving him 62% of the vote. YOU do not get to dictate who runs for anything just because you like another guy more, or the black community wants someone besides Michele. It is uor right to elect who WE want, not who YOU want to run!!!!!! You and Mr Kovach need to pack your toys and go the heck home....

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Man arrested in assault outside bar in Girard

i said he was found at 1:30, the article says AM!!!!!!!!! this craphole attracts laid back people?????????? are these laid back people in the habit of almost beating people to death? my son was assaulted there a few years ago by the bartender over a pool game because him and a friend won money from the mans friends and they got in an argument over it. it didnt concern that bartender, but he hit my son over the head with a bottle of Jack Daniels and split his head open and gave him a concussion!!!!! And no medical help was offered then . and the only reason this young man was put in his car was to get him off the property. That owner would be held accountable if he was found on the property. and im saying inside the bar. this is a crap hole that needs shut down, you can not keep beating people up and get away with it. and also, what happened to the survailence footage? everytime i was there cameras were on.

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Dellick accused in 2 other road-rage incidents; special prosecutor considered

He needs to stay in jail, but we all know the fear of retaliation by the judge, and the rest of the bunch will set him free.

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Man arrested in assault outside bar in Girard

too fishy, i think Girard police need to do a real investigation into this. He got beat at closing time but his parents found him at 1:30? since when does wonder Bar close that early????????? that owner knows exactly what happened and if he does not give up the goods so to speak, he should be arrested for obstruction. this is the same place where my son was assaulted a few years ago by the bartender and split his skull open with a bottle of Jack. disgusting. btw, i do know the family therefore i know there is some sort of cover up with this investigation.

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Liberty seniors arrested in vandalism of Girard's G

i knew it had to be somebody from Liberty. We have been rivals since i can remember but this was a bit over the top?

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Former president of Youngstown school board faces DUI

my point was that not every DUI made the paper. askme so i guess all your opinion is that all crime should be in paper? im saying that this wasnt worthy of the coverage it got. thats all.

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Dearth of development in Valley proves government is a fraud

Gerry, you say another family is also grieving this "accident"? really? since when do you call a cold blooded murder an accident? get real, i am sorry for his family but please do not ever classify what that cowardly animal did an accident. he didnt accidentally pull that trigger did he?

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Liberty cops seize guns, pot

hahahahaha he stopped selling because his customers were arrested. what is this world comming to when a 19 yr old can't make a living selling pot? leave his customers alone... lol too funny

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METRO DIGEST || Deputy OVI charge

lol i bet if that deputy hadn't hit two cars he would have been taken home and reported to work as usual.

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Teens testify in heroin OD trial

i am torn on this because i feel yes the person that sold it to her or gave it to her should be charged, but also feel that she did it to herself, nobody shot it for her did they? kids make bad choices and unfortunatly things like this happen. prayers for her family and i am so sorry this happened. and shame on the others that did nothing, im sure she didnt look like all was well.

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