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dawn421 (anonymous) says...

i feel for you jim. i guess this shows police are not above the law. there are a few more that need investigated for intimidation and abuse of power!!!! and y are the people on fifth ave ext still breeding those dogs??? huh trustees and chief

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joebag09 (anonymous) says...

dawn421....all I can comment to is what I went through. I never got unemployment, went through EEOC, attorney(s) and went 18 months with NOTHING! Unfortunately "at will" means they CAN fire you for BS. Unless your civil rights have been violated or you have enough$$ to try and fight, chances are slim.

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WilliamSwinger (anonymous) says...


I wanted to message you personally and let you know that I am so sorry for your diagnosis and struggle. I have cancer too and am going through chemotherapy also. Can you believe we both are in that boat? I can't. I never thought I would have a disease like this.

I was diagnosed a little over a year ago with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I had a growth in my right armpit that just kept growing and growing. By the time the diagnosis was made the lump was the size of a grapefruit. I started R-CHOP chemotherapy at St. Joe's in Warren with Dr. Garg. The tumor in my armpit got soft and shrunk to almost nothing. But the tumor in my abdomen was unaffected. I stayed with Dr. Garg until the chemotherapy wasn't working anymore which was early in the Spring. Then I went to Ohio State University in Columbus for treatment and have been there ever since.

I have had several different kinds of chemotherapy now, R-CHOP, R-ICE and am now on one called R-Gem/Ox. None of them are working very well on stopping the tumor in my abdomen and I am looking into becoming a test subject in an experimental trial of a new drug.

My life course is grim at the moment. My doctor feels I have less than a year to live if a solution cannot be found. He told me that in July, so I am narrowing down on six months to go. I am still pretty strong and able to function pretty well. I cannot do much work anymore because my breath is very short. I huff and puff sometimes just from walking down the hall. The chemo kills my blood cells and makes it hard to breathe plus the chemo is generally killing me so it makes me weak and sick. I'm sure this is familiar to you too. Cancer is not nearly the fun and games they say it is!!

Thank you for sharing your struggle with cancer. I hope you are feeling good today and enjoying life. I would enjoy talking with you about your struggle as well as other things. Please write back if you are interested. I was able to get to this private message option by clicking on your user name in one of the comment sections. You can click my name and send me a private message too if you like. I'll look forward to it.

Hang in there Dawn. People beat cancer and are cured every day. There's no reason you can't be one of them. I'll hope and pray for your cure.



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