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Mahoning Valley helps deep-six Issue 2


Keep thinking that while we as taxpayers have to keep pumping more money to pay for pensions, wages, and all the other benefits. And what's wrong with capping accumulated sick/vacation time? What's wrong with keeping your job using merit instead of JUST seniority??

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Mahoning Valley helps deep-six Issue 2

I'd love to make more money too, but without higher revenue, where do you get the money? HUH? Please, enlighten me..... And for all those that believed in the "no cost savings" argument, come talk to me in the next few years when contracts are up. We'll be paying more then, say hello to higher taxes morons......

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Youngstown man dies in crash on Rayen Avenue

Doc - I think you're way out of line here and totally agree with Sept0608. You don't know any of the circumstances nor do you know the person. I think you ought to consider attending a Bible Study yourself to learn a few things.

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