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Seven-run sixth inning sinks Poland at state

These men learned some valuable lessons this year. One, lock up your valuables. Two, hide your wallets. Three, don't play with matches. Great season men! We're proud of you.

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Poland Superintendent Janofa says state informed him of field trip violations

What ever came of the incident that happened on the baseball team's trip to Florida?

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Mahoning County voters say no to new

Looks like oldenoughtoremember is one of those residents that lives in a bubble like the rest of the residents that reside in Poland who voted yes. The salaries these people make are astronomical. I can afford a tax increase. On the other hand, I don't want to pay for it. As for oldenoughtoremember's comment about sacrificing one dinner out a month or a purse, he/she either didn't know the millage for the levy or doesn't understand how to calculate it. I will also vote no again. I will be sure the rest of my family votes the next time it's on the ballot. And when I sent out the salary information of these educators to other people, boy were they pissed! People have been taking cuts, have not been getting any raises for years, yet they want more. Do some comparisons of the salaries of these people from year to year. Some of them have had upwards of 8% increases. Won't happen anymore on my dollar. Yet the board members and educators seem so shocked and pissed this levy didn't pass. They refuse to acknowledge the truth. They all need to go.

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Poland schools stall in releasing public records on salaries

Tellingthetruth, apparently, teaching in Poland is not an easy job because we have to spend hours a night teaching our kids due to the teachers not being able to explain things. As far as putting in so much time before and after school, who in this world doesn't do that with their job? I'm telling my kids to go in to education because there's no accountability. I see why Poland was using stall tactics in providing the information requested. They knew it would cause a firestorm. And as far as every one hiding behind their computers, why don't you throw your real name out there if you're so tough? Otherwise, shut up. Check your grammar and spelling. It's indicative of a Poland education.

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Poland schools stall in releasing public records on salaries

polandrocks, I would like to know where your sister-in-law is working. There isn't a hospital in the area that starts an rn off at $60,000/year. I have 4 family members that are registered nurses and they have to work overtime to make over that amount. The school nurse isn't even allowed to give aspirin. The school nurses and the school teachers do not take classes all summer long either. That's a crock. Nurses are required to have so many continuing education credits every two years when they renew their licenses. This can be accomplished in under a few hours for only $30 using the internet. I would be willing to bet teachers can accomplish this in the same way. I have had two children go through the poland school system. I have one more in the middle school. This is a good school system and is NO better than any of the other school systems in the area, unless you're comparing it to Youngstown. Due to the grading scale this system uses, higher grade point averages are much easier to attain. My two children that graduated from Poland Seminary had to work harder for their grade point averages when they were at other school systems. Grade point averages are skewed when compared to the other schools in the area. So when little Johnny comes home with a C on his report card and you're so proud, anywhere else it would have been a D. State test scores are high because that's what they focus on. If the levy fails, life will go on and the kids will still be taught. I for one, will not vote for a $500/year tax increase on my property taxes. It is time for them to make sacrifices like the rest of us have had to do. They will still keep their jobs, teachers will still talk on their cell phones in the hallways during classtime, etc. The people who get upset about the negative comments are probably life-long Poland residents that live in a bubble and have no idea what the outside world is like. That is why everyone outside of Poland hates Poland.

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