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Engler’s political charges debunked

It appears that Mr. Skolnik confirmed what I was saying. Betras approached Jeff Limbean. Jeff told me "Betras told me to get the F@#$ OUT OF THE RACE." I didn't make that up. Jeff must have gotten a bit frightened or thought he was promised consideration to run for prosecutor. (Don't believe it Jeff) Betras also approached Maureen Walsh then relayed her getting out to J. Waite. He also sent two people to me to get me out.
I highly doubt the Judges asked for his actions. I do not doubt their integrity and believe Betras put them in a bad position. He was simply being a bigshot and sought to curry favor. That is not allowed. The Vindy has a blind spot for this conduct. I'm not sure why.
Regardless I took an oath that I would point out wrongdoing when I see it. I saw it. Betras would like to create the "Betras Bench."
I do not believe two brothers should be on the same Court of Appeals. It is for the voters to decide.

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