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Traficant: 50-50 chance he’ll run again for Congress

After watching his pathetic interview with Greta VanSurgery last night, I think Jimbo should forget about representing the people and consider a local radio show. Everyone outside of Y-Town (and I think most people in Y-Town) have a difficult time taking this guy seriously. I think the prison atmosphere dulled any serious reasoning he had left. He seemed to be very out of touch with every issue discussed.

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Traficant calls in to radio show, makes his first public remarks

Jimbo should get a show on cnn or msnbc......He could spread his views across the country, (whatever they are), and make honest money doing it.

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Woodstock: 3 Canfield pals, a VW and a ‘magical’ memory to cherish

What great memories these guys have! I wish I could have been there with them. Since I was only 11 at the time, I guess it wasn't meant to be. But it's a lot of fun reliving what happenned thru their memories and watching the many documentories.
I'm from Canfield and recognize their names. Rock On Jeff, Jim and Bruce!

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‘Traficant Release Night’ scrapped by Scrappers

Too bad......It would have been a fun time for those who would have supported the Scrappers and helped keep the economy moving in the Valley. Instead, the naysayers with way too much time on their hands ruined a potentially profitable and lighthearted event for the Scrappers.

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No, no, Jimbo?

Chill Out...........It's just a game with a silly promotion. If you like the guy.....go have fun at the game. If you don't like the guy.......stay home and blog.

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Canfield racer sets speed record

Way 2 Go Jamie! I grew up just up the street from Derby Downs in Akron. I know the track well and went to every race as a kid. We moved to Canfield where most of my family still live. I follow the race every year from my home in Sarasota Florida. Congratulations on your record and your rich history participating in the Derby.

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‘Welcome home Jimbo’ countdown

Hey Vindyak...........I'm outside of the area and I don't see Jim as a "quack". I think he deserves some respect for standing up for what he believes in. That's what this great country of ours was built upon. Was he wrong for what he did?......Yes. Did his huge ego make him feel that he was above the law? Yes again. He did his time, Give him a break. I think he probably is a good person and genuinely wants to help people. As for my man Dennis Kucinich......I like his Pro-UFO stance. Rock on Jimbo and Dennis the Menace!

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‘Welcome home Jimbo’ countdown

Shake 'em up Jimbo! I've never read a boring article about Jim down here in Fla. I would be very disappointed if he doesn't continue to "stir the pot" in Y-Town with something that makes for good reading.

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Foo Fighter gets rousing homecoming in Warren

A Guy who really appreciates his roots......rock on!

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On the mend

Goes to show how vulnerable we all are. Having a major medical episode being thrust upon an innocent little girl at a moment's notice. Good luck Annie and God bless! I was diagnosed with a brain aneurism on May 5th and it has competely changed the way I live. Luckily for me it was found before anything traumatic happened. I just have to live with it and have it monitored every year.

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