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Do you agree with the Supreme Court ruling that says Americans have a right to keep a gun at home for self-defense?

Supreme Court justices have managed to uphold the Second Amendment for two centuries without holding that it creates an indvividual right. This decision will create a cascade of litigation seeking to overturn reasonable gun laws. And whoever wrote this question doesn't understand the subleties here -- we are not talking about overturning some "liberal" court decision against gun owners.

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Do you agree with the Supreme Court ruling that says Americans have a right to keep a gun at home for self-defense?

Do you agree with the 5 right wing extremist nutcases who think a city with a huge murder problem can't regulate handguns?

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Dann’s expenses raise questions

I'll let Dann's appeals play out before I say the expenses were illegal. But what was he thinking -- paying for a rap concert, paying his home utility bills, paying his bar association dues -- all out of campaign funds. And I'll wager that this isn't the worst news Marc Dann will get this summer. Investigators are going through his files, and he has not been a careful man -- I'll be amazed if there aren't worse things than questionable expenditures of campaign funds. For instance, in a state where voters have overwhelmingly regjected gambling, what led Dann to approve gambling machines? And what did he know about Guiterrez running a business on state time?

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Confidant: Dann is going to help his wife sell dinnerware over the Internet.

Actually Marc Dann did several things right as AG, notably upholding the public trust doctrine in regard to the Lake Erie shore, which is more than Ted Strickland or Lee Fisher can say. But the speculation from his lawyer that he might run for office again is just silly. He's dead as a doornail politically. And he's got an investigator combing through every computer file, desk drawer and Blackberry message -- something that might land him a job playing pickup football with Maurice. (In fairness to Dann, a whole lot of executives wouldn't come off well if state investigators rifled through their computer files.)

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Dann’s former mistress: ‘Marc didn’t want me to resign’

Well, maybe you can get a court to give you money after you voluntarily submit a resignation after being exposed having a clearly consensual affair with your married boss. But I wouldn't bet the farm on it.

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