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Dozens voice plea to spare Youngstown postal facility

The United States and Somalia are the only two countries that do not support a postal service.

The United States made the U.S. Postal Service self sufficient during the Reagan administration.

The employees of the U.S. Postal Service competed for their jobs, through testing and screening, to provide an educated and hardworking, work force, that provides secure paper communications, and many other services.

The United States Government has been taking billions of dollars off the U.S. Postal service over the years, including the 5.5 billion dollars a year since 2006, that has forced the U.S. Postal Service to near bankruptcy. Both Postal management and Postal Unions have pleaded with Congress not to do this, and now, to return this money that went into the general treasury, under the guise of medical benefits for the retired Postal employees, for seventy five years in the future. No other Federal agency, and no other business is required to do this!

The U.S. Postal Service has overpaid billions of dollars since 1970, to our government, who refuses to support the most efficient universal mailing system in the world. Instead our own government is forcing the Postal service to destroy the network that can handle billions of items yearly to every address in this huge country of ours for the same low (compared to other countries) price, in a timely manner.

Only Congress can change the forced demise of universal service to the citizens and businesses of this country.

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Closing of mail center is expected next spring

Congress has been told repeatedly that the extra 5.5 billion dollar burden, to cover medical benefits for retirees seventy five years in the future, would hurt the post office.

They still mandated this amount with out changes, since 2007. Why do you think this was done?

Why did the US Postal Service also have to over pay it's share of the Civil Service retirement money in the past?

Was all this money taken from the US Postal Service's budget, because the US Postal Service is a revenue generator for the Federal Government?

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A letter of apology to the president

Ok you did it. You made me actually react to a Vindicator article. Are we machines? You apologize to Washington, because of our local public officials who did not apply properly for aid money. I don't understand why people point fingers, instead of being outraged at what I perceive to be a deliberate failure to communicate. There is no reason why our elected officials from Washington, or our local officials here, could not pick up a phone, email, or better yet send a letter, saying we need more information, or your application is incomplete, or did we apply properly, if not what do we need to do? I'm tired of this lack of common sense. The truth, as I see it, is those that control the purse strings, did not want money to come to this area, and found an excuse to do what they did. They are to blame!

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