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ODNR clarifies new information from fracking opponents

So the emphasis should be on the fact that it is shut down and that moratorium will be lifted?

That the use of this well caused the earthquakes which ODNR tried to hide the proof of the cause from us?

Who does ODNR work for, the corporations or the citizens of Ohio?

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ODNR to Mill Creek: Step up geese enforcement or no killing permits in 2015

I was wondering why so much of the corporate media was giving so much time to this story. Usually MillCreek Park tries to stay under the radar when they do these things.

It appears it is a diversion. They don't want us to know that Sunoco is going to run a pipeline across the park. Then there is the experimental farm that is probably growing GMO crops that poison us, the soil and the bees.

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ODNR to Mill Creek: Step up geese enforcement or no killing permits in 2015

I am happy that the park police will now be enforcing the do not feed law. I have been by the Lilly Pond many times and witnessed menu people standing next to the "Do Not Feed" sign and about 100 geese gathered around them. They are usually feeding them white bread which is unhealthy for the geese. It is never a good idea to feed wild animals.

It is too bad that these animals have to be euthenized but without natural predators there is no other solution that I am aware of.

For the person who says that have a problem with too many geese on private property I think you can call the local wildlife officer and they might have a solution for this problem.

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Will you vote to ban fracking in the city of Youngstown in the primary election?

Not a Scientific Poll?
I have been watching this and I suspect it is a bogus poll. Every time the "Yes" votes show that they are close or ahead a few hundred "NO" votes miraculously appear?

Here's an adjective to think about "Corporative Stooges"!

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The Low-Down on Radioactivity and Shale Gas Development

So management of safety will be something for the future? Doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy that it's safe?

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Consider the dangers of drilling

Our recent history with the D&L intentional spills, that ODNR, EPA and others haven't the ability to keep us safe. The fact that they allowed this drilling, in our water supply, is further proof.
The mayor of Youngstown and some news people keep saying that we have regulations and will give us more will not protect us. The regulations are not worth the paper that they are written on if there isn't anybody watching.

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Dennis Miller - Fracking in the park

I am still wondering which meeting Dennis Miller was at? He says that at his meeting he had a few people that were for fracking and a few people that were against it. The meetings that I was at, had an overwhelming number of people that were against it? Does this guy need some kind of reality check?

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Another question about fracking


If one can't argue with facts, one needs to attack them with unrelated attacks?

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Thousands of gallons potentially dumped at D&L

Can we trust ODNR to do a proper investigation of this?
It shows us how good "regulations" are, the deed is done, there is no undoing it, all of the money and punishment, in the World, cannot fix this. Its time to send D&L far away from us

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Who most deserved to be fired in the wake of the Penn State University/Jerry Sandusky molestation case?

Anyone that new that this was going on and did nothing should be in jail forever!!!

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